Computer Networking Final Exam

The internet is a very complex system. This quiz is a final exam for Computer Networking to see how much you really took out of the class. The quiz consists of 15 multiple choice questions. Some are harder than others, but none are too hard for someone coming out of the class to answer.

Do you think you know enough to take my final exam? The quiz shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes, so go ahead and take the exam. I'm not a teacher, These questions symbolize some of the simple areas of networking a student should be expected to know.

Created by: Mike Poynter

  1. Why was the OSI model developed?
  2. The physical layer is concerned with the movement of _______ over a physical medium.
  3. Which OSI model functions as a link between user support layers and network support layers?
  4. Routers function within which layer(s)?
  5. An IP header size = ?
  6. A multicast message is sent from _____ to _____?
  7. Connection establishment in TCP is referred to as?
  8. which layer exists between the Presentation and Transport layers?
  9. In networking, what does ATM stand for?
  10. Which type of encoding was named after a city in England?
  11. Which is USUALLY larger: WAN, LAN or MAN?
  12. What San Jose based company is currently considered to be the king of networks?
  13. What does the 802 in the various network standards stand for?
  14. Which of the following is not a network topology?
  15. What is the correct way to end an HTML page?

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