7th and 8th Review Quiz

Here is a short quiz to test your skills at remebering the movie watched in class and it is on the final so hope you do well. Good Luck to you on the quiz but if you paid attention in class you shouldn't need it!!

If you get a 100% on this quiz then you will have no problem getting 100% on at least one section of the Final. Try out the other quizes to insure you get 100% on the whole Final.

Created by: Ms. Ayers
  1. What was the first present that was given by his father?
  2. Who is the God of the Underworld?
  3. Who was one of the shape shifting demons?
  4. Who is the messenger God?
  5. Who was the love interest of Hercules?
  6. What did the muses give Meg at the end of the song in the garden?
  7. What did Hades release to fight Zeus?
  8. How many heads did Hydra have?
  9. Who was the Hero trainer?
  10. What do the Fates represent?

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