The Ultimate Quiz To Test Your Computer Skills

Test out your computer skills. Are you a Zombie, or are you a UNIX Guru? Have you paid attention in class, or have you been slacking off? Read on and take the ultimate test!

Darnet, can't find something useful to put in here, so I'll just write some random words that hopefully work for most people. And there needs to be some more words.

Created by: d3x
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  1. What do you use Firefox for?
  2. What is it called, the thing you're supposed to keep a secret, and it should not be your birthdate or the names of familymembers, relatives or pets?
  3. What is your operating system?
  4. Which of these are input output devices
  5. Does "/bin/ladin" and "fsck it" sound humourous to you?
  6. Would you rofl and have to skip back if you watched a movie from 2000 where the lead charachter was asked by an FBI agent to back up the harddrive of his workcomputer to a floppy disk?
  7. Do you know how to set up a Beowulf cluster?
  8. Which of these don't belong here?
  9. Is this a useless test?
  10. Oh no?

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Quiz topic: The Ultimate Quiz To Test my Computer Skills