Are You Computer Smart?

There are many computer users, but few true masters. Computer mastery can only be achieved by programming skills, web coding, and a lot of caffeine. They are the ones that code websites, programs, entire operating systems, and form the foundation for future computer geniuses.

Are YOU qualified to be a computer genius, the man made of coffee, the couch potato that knows literally all, because he has the source code of life, and scrunched it up into fifty lines in basic? In just a few questions you will find out!

Created by: Travis
  1. Do you know HTML?
  2. Do you know how to code CSS?
  3. For security and reliability, along with general ease of use, what would you say is the best OS for a professional?
  4. How fast is your fastest computer's CPU?
  5. Can you program software?
  6. Do you read computer manuals for fun?
  7. What are the differences between Mac OS X and Windows Vista, according to the betas and previews?
  8. How often do you use your computer?
  9. What is the latest internet browser from Mozilla
  10. What version of IE or Firefox do you use?

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Quiz topic: Am I Computer Smart?