How much of a Computer freak are you?

There are many Computer lovers, but few true computer freaks. Computer freaks are, afterall, kind of scary... They spend their lives on the computes! But most of them are actually kind of smart!

Are YOU an absolute computer freak? Find out now! Are you obsessed with this wonderful invention? Kind you change your ways? This is the sort of quiz you can take about once a month to see you're improvement! Wether it's to become lees or more of a computer freak!

Created by: ::eX''t!on:::
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  1. Do you write your school stuff (ie:- essay, projects, etc.) jod stuff (ie:- presentations, etc.) and personal stuff ( ie:- letters, secret diaries, etc.) on the computer?
  2. How long do you stay on computer in the morning on a week day? (note- for personal stuff, not job wise)
  3. How long do you stay on the computer in the afternoon on a week day? (note-for personal stuff, not job wise)
  4. Do you play games on the computer?
  5. Do you go on social websites often?
  6. Do you use your computer to listen to music?
  7. How many new things do you learn from the internet on an average week?
  8. How long you you last without your computer
  9. Do you communicate with people on the computer?
  10. Did you enjoy this quiz? (no effect)

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Quiz topic: How much of a Computer freak am I?