Are you a trouble maker on the computer?

Are you a trouble maker on the computer? Take this quiz to find out. This is a fun quiz. I hope you love it. It will tell you if you're a trouble aker on the computer. It is a great quiz. I'm just writing stuff to fill space.

I got to admit, i'm a trouble maker on computer a little bit. I'm not a total trouble maker though, but i am a little bit of one. I'm writing just to take up space. This is my least favorite part of the quiz making process. I learned that when you don't have a minimum amount to write sometimes, you do better, and write better. Take the quiz now. It's fun.

Created by: Alyssa

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  1. Your parents put parental controls on your computer using their account. But yet, you know about the master account that doesn't have a password yet. What do you do?
  2. Do you ask your parents before signing up for stuff on the internet?
  3. Your parents set a time limit on your _account on the computer. You can only stay on for 3 hours a day. You know how to log in to the master account. What do you do when your time is up on computer for the day?
  4. You go on Wife Swap for some reason, don't ask me why, but the wife you swap with sets some parental controls on your computer like time limits. You do not know a way to log into the master account. What do you do?
  5. Do you use Private Browsing when you are on the internet?
  6. Your teacher wants you to check out an educational website in school, but she isn't looking to make sure you are on that website. What website do you go on?
  7. Your parents set a parental control on your AOL web browser so that you can't go on a certain website. Lets say You have another web browser that has no parental controls set on it. What do you do?
  8. Have you ever successfully overrided parental controls that your parents set on your computer?
  9. If you could rely on a voice to read your screen when on computer, would you blank out the screen?
  10. Did you learn any tricks from this quiz that you didn't know?

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Quiz topic: Am I a trouble maker on the computer?