Are you a computer wiz?

Computers are one of the most complicated machines on the market. ALU's, CPU's, PCI, BIOS, all that junk each has its own use. Believe it or not, your computer is almost as complicated as your body. Some of the things that are used in computers make many mathematitions and scientists shrivel in confusion

This is a simple quiz i threw together one random night to see if you are a computer wiz like myself. If not then who cares, if so then w00t on that. Just remember that with the way our technology is advancing, this quiz might be outdated in a couple of years ^^

Created by: Marco
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  1. what type of syntax is this: ipconfig/all
  2. BIOS stands for
  3. The native language of a Pentium D, Windows XP Home edition is:
  4. 101110 is binary for:
  5. Win32.exe
  6. Which is the first program to run on your computer?
  7. 76 in binary is:
  8. a program with an extention .bat is a:
  9. 512mb of RAM means:
  10. PCI stands for:
  11. a .com extention on a file indicates
  12. what does this string indicate: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE
  13. a .msi extention file is a:
  14. True or false: A file with an extention of .mic is a Microsoft Configuration File?
  15. Pictures on your web browser are displayed in:
  16. this code is in what language? public class HelloWorld { public static void main (String[] args) { System.out.println ("Hello World"); } }
  17. When coding in any language, a "variable" is used for what?
  18. you can create variables in HTML
  19. You can create variables in C++
  20. You can create varaibles in Java
  21. To run any Java program on your computer you need to have at least which one of these?
  22. What are Drivers used for primarily?
  23. The proper action for changing settings in your computer is
  24. True or false: Coding and Programming are two different things
  25. When turning on your computer. If you see a big blue screen, what does this indicate?
  26. What is the blue screen called?
  27. What does OS stand for?
  28. What is the best way to stop and handle a massive virus going into your computer?
  29. How are viruses created?
  30. this is an easy one. What does AI stand for?
  31. why do computers record information in 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 etc bits?
  32. Which is the correct size (smallest to largest) in storage units?
  33. a Gigabyte (gb) has how many megabytes (mb) in it?
  34. a giggabyte has how many kilobytes in it?
  35. True or False: All computer OS run on a C platform?
  36. which one of these languages do not use variables
  37. Uninstalling a program COMPLETELY removes it?
  38. If selected False above, what places is history of the program remaining?

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Quiz topic: Am I a computer wiz?