Computer Smarts

On this Computer smarts Quiz you will be tested on all of the areas of the computer you have have to know lots about certain areas of the computer! To pass you will have to know the ways of the computer, you have to act like the computer, be the computer, for goodness sakes you have to smell the computer!

There are many computer geeks that would love to get the high score cause they know that they could get it, but let me tell you this is a quiz that is a Intermediate level that I intended for almost all ages of Children, teenagers, adults, and even senior citizens but the catch is, You Have to know the ways!!!

Created by: Colton
  1. What is the file extension to a Windows Media Player File?
  2. What does RAM mean?
  3. What is the "Background of the computer screen" called?
  4. What is a file extension?
  5. Say your keyboard broke what who you do?
  6. There are many ways to delete a item, what is the MORE thorough way to delete a item?
  7. What is a directory?
  8. What does the IP in IP address mean?
  9. What is the Difference of a Ethernet cord and a Phone cable?
  10. What is the name of the of the part of the computer where the keyboard, mouse, speaker cables, and other cables hook up to. Also you press the button on this to turn it ON or OFF

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