Robo Smarts for Representatives

Everyone uses the internet for searches, but we know that TMI (too much information) is out there and it can be overwhelming. Robo consolidates the mortgage world for Customer Service in one centralized location via the intranet.

Do you have what it takes to score high on Robo Smarts? If your new or a veteran out on the floor, you'll find Robo your best friend. Test your smarts with this little quiz. It'll take just a few minutes to do.

Created by: Donna
  1. You can search Robo in this way
  2. If you searched by index, you would only see an alphabetical list of keywords?
  3. If you wanted to see if SunTrust Mortgage has lending authority in Arizona, which place would have the answer?
  4. If you wanted to look up a past Daily Tip Sheet, would you find it under the Welcome Table of Contents?
  5. When accessing RoboHelp, a little blue whale swims across your screen
  6. To find out if a fee is charged or not for a first amortization schedule, where would you look?
  7. To open a task on a closed loan, would you open a:
  8. Optional Insurance allows a customer to place insurance on what?
  9. There is a bar scan just below the customer's mailing address of their monthly billing statement for the purpose of catching address changes.
  10. If a former CCB customer called STM, you could obtain their SunTrust account number from using the CCB loan number if they gave it to you.

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