Mario Party Must-Knows

There are three different kinds of people. There's ordinaries, there's smarts, and there video gamers. The two important things you'll need in your whole lifestyle are ordinarines and smartness.

If your a video gamer, do want to hear someone say you got a perfect one-hundred on a test?! Well take this quiz and find out! The quiz is all about your Mario Party Smarts. Not a minigame quiz.

Created by: Aaron

  1. When was Mario Party released in the North America?
  2. Name three playable characters in Mario Party 8.
  3. Who is the second-final boss in Mario Party DS?
  4. True or false? Mario Party 9 exists.
  5. In Mario Party 6, who was added to the character selection screen?
  6. True or false? The same six playable characters from Mario Party appear in Mario Party 8.
  7. Until what Mario Party game did Daisy and Waluigi get added in?
  8. Who stole coins or stars from other players?
  9. True or false? Toad was playable in Mario Party Advance.
  10. There is a total of how many handheld Mario Party's?

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