Are you as evil as Wario and Waluigi?

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Welcome to the quiz that will decide whether you are likely to have Waluigi's or Wario's children. You may be offended by some of the questions in this quiz. Please be very careful.

If you are under 16 years old I do not recommend taking this quiz unless you've had sex education and all that. Also, your score might not be 100% accurate.

Created by: Mario and Luigi
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  1. Okay, first question. Do you play any Mario Bros. games?
  2. Who do you prefer: Wario or Waluigi?
  3. Who do you prefer: Mario or Luigi?
  4. Do you enjoy seeing people lose against you in a video game?
  5. Is winning important to you?
  6. Do you think Waluigi and Daisy would make a good, er, couple?
  7. If you see someone get run over by a car, you would...
  8. Do you drive a car?
  9. If you had to marry either Waluigi or Wario, you would choose...
  10. Death Star or Pole Star?
  11. Would you have Wario's child? (If you're male, just pick an answer.)
  12. Would you have Waluigi's child?
  13. Okay, I'm sorry for the "having babies" thing with Waluigi and Wario...

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Quiz topic: Am I as evil as Wario and Waluigi?