Will you survive? The Hunger Games

You are taken from the real world and sent to Panem. Your reaped in the games and your journey begins,simple things can cause death so be careful and one last thing,Try not to die

Wondering if you have the ability to win the hunger games? Here you'll find out. Simple choices can cause higher risk of death so be careful and Try not to die

Created by: Sara

  1. "[insert your name]" Effie Trinket annouces as you are dragged by the peacekeepers to face your death. It is the 74th annual Hunger Games and you are nervous,when you arrive to your training the first thing you do is?
  2. There is a noise from the bushes you hear,you?
  3. A tribute looks like he/she is dying. The tribute looks like a career,and you see a huge pack full of supplies on there back. But still a few knives in they're hand. You?
  4. A small,weak,young child slowly mumbles,"Would you like to be allies?" She looks weak but you can't be certain what that knife in her hand is for.
  5. One of your allies is slowly dying. You?
  6. A forest fire starts and soon it surrounds you,you...
  7. Looks like there is a huge tree above you and it looks like there is lots of resources near it,since it's covered in leaves you can't see up for enemies. You?
  8. You are very tired and come across a plain flat land,there is not noise but it still doesn't have any enemy protection.You?
  9. Would you rather date Gale or Peeta? (Doesn't affect results)
  10. Do you think you won?

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Quiz topic: Will I survive? The Hunger Games