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Hey! Welcome to the Hunger Games quiz. This quiz is obviously based on Hunger Games. Are you a true fan? You will see when you take this quiz. If you are about to then thanks so much. I appreciate it :) Go HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!! Take the quiz now !

This quiz is going to be fun!!!! PLEASE do NOT cheat! Lololol, not like I care anyway :) If you do cheat you're probably now a real Hunger Games fan. If you won't and you get above 60% you are a HUNGER GAMES FAN and I Love You for that! Lol, take the quiz and stop reading this dumb paragraph. Hahahahaha :) teehee

Created by: Angel

  1. Who is Katnisses best friend?
  2. Which District is Katniss and Peeta from?
  3. Who is Katniss in love with?
  4. Who does Katniss volunteer for?
  5. When Katniss is searching for food, who frightens her?
  6. Name all of the Hunger Games Series:
  7. Name 3 of the characters:
  8. Which of these characters are not in the Hunger Games?
  9. What genre is the movie?
  10. What is Katnisses real name? (Off Screen)

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