How well do you know the Hunger Games(based on the books)!

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Have you read the Hunger Games books 📚? I have and they are awesome 😎! Test your knowledge in this Hunger Games Trivia addition. I Know you can do it!!

Every question has one ☝ correct answer. Choose carefully! This quiz IS BASED OFF OF THe BOOKS 📚!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No movie 🍿 references are included. Good luck 🍀.

Created by: Candian Roots
  1. What bird 🦅 is on Katniss’s pin or token in the Hunger Games?
  2. Why is Katniss so mad 😡 at her mom, or at least was mad 😡 at her mom?
  3. In the first book, did Peeta know that Katniss wasn’t really in love 🥰 with him?
  4. What are the names of the Careers in book one of the Hunger Games?
  5. What is district thirteen’s industry?
  6. Which of these people have NOT been in the Hunger Games?
  7. Where in North America is the Capital located?
  8. Why did the Rebellion in the districts happen?
  9. Who gave Katniss the Mockingjay pin?
  10. What was Peeta’s weapon in the 74th Hunger Games?
  11. Who got captured by the capital in book two?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Hunger Games(based on the books)!