How well do you know the hunger games?

Do you love the hunger games trioligy ? ( all three books) and think your a true fan? This quiz mostly is on Mockingjay and little on catching fire. It mostly on small and big details.

In a few clicks you could find out how much you truly know the hunger games trioligy and will give you a suggestion on how to under stand better! Well let's see how we'll you can do?

Created by: Fan girl 4 ever
  1. How was Johanna tortured in the capitol?
  2. Who was gales younger siblings?
  3. Who was left in the Capitol when the rebels go to save them?
  4. What did president snow smell like?
  5. What was the game peeta used to help him regain his memory?
  6. What colour was the flotation belts in the quell?
  7. What did Katniss make Johanna before she left for the Capitol?
  8. What dose gale say to Peeta while they are in Tigris's shop that catches katniss's attention?
  9. What district dose Katniss mother move too?
  10. Who tells katniss " we promised not to lie"
  11. What does Katniss dream of during her nightmares?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the hunger games?