how well do you know Catching Fire?

Catching Fire. The sequel to the Hunger Games. Probably the two most best books out there. They are so awesome and i am in love and obsessed with them!! They rock!!

How well do you know Catching Fire, though? A lot or a little? Take this quiz to find out now!! This quiz will tell you how well you know the books or not!

Created by: hungergamesgeek

  1. Where do Katniss, Peeta and Haymitch live?
  2. What is Peeta's talent?
  3. What is Katniss's "talent"?
  4. Who does Katniss's "talent" for her?
  5. Who is the new head peacekeeper?
  6. What happens at the third Quarter Quell?
  7. Which boy is called from district 12 for the games?
  8. Who ends up going to the Quarter Quell?
  9. After how many years does the Quarter Quell come?
  10. What does Finnick offer Katniss before the parade thing?
  11. How old is Finnick?
  12. How old was Finnick when he won the games?
  13. Finnick is known as...?
  14. What district is Finnick from?
  15. What district are Bonnie and Twill from?
  16. Who are Bonnie and Twill?
  17. What was the first district to have an uprising?
  18. What district is Katniss thinking about running away to?
  19. What games did Haymitch win?
  20. How did Haymitch win?
  21. What does Katniss write on the dummy?
  22. What do the people in the Capitol do so they can eat more?
  23. Who is your favorite character? (no effect) sorry for the things i wrote next to the names. just telling ya how i feel
  24. Which book is better? (no effect)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Catching Fire?