Ice, rock, wind, or fire? One way to find out!

Me and one of my friends used to fight about "Ice power" and "Fire power" a lot, argueing friendly about which one was more powerful, me on the side of ice and her on fire. I thought it out a lot, and wondered if I actually was a lot like ice. Another of my friends said I was more like fire.

I still wonder, so I decided to make this quiz to find out. My friends will hopefully take it, too. I wonder if me and Naomi were fighting on the right sides; Maybe I'm more like fire and she's more like ice. Probably other people wonder about what element they are, too, so if you do just take this quiz! I hop it's pretty accurate about you personality, but sorry if it isn't, I'm not a professional at making quizzes.

Created by: Sara
  1. You would say you are...
  2. How do you solve problems?
  3. Choose a card.
  4. If someone made a rude comment about your new coat, you would...
  5. Choose:
  6. Would you say you are calm peaceful, and quiet?
  7. Do you feel very strongly about things?
  8. You fight...
  9. Most of your friends...
  10. Would you say you are good at convincing people or giving ideas?
  11. Would you say lots of types of people can get you mad?

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