How Well Do You Know The Hunger Games?

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There are many informed people. But do you know everything about the first book of the "Hunger Games" series? Take this quiz and find out if you know as much as you think you do.

This quiz is easy, simple and fun. It asks questions that range from the most basic information to the smallest details. Allowing you to test just how much you know.

Created by: Kat
  1. Who is the first character mentioned in the book, "The Hunger Games"?
  2. What age are you first entered into the Reaping?
  3. Where did Katniss meet Gale?
  4. How many victors has District Twelve had?
  5. What do Katniss and Gale trade to Madge?
  6. How many slips does Prim have in the Reaping bowl?
  7. Who gave Katniss cookies after the reaping?
  8. What did Madge give Katniss?
  9. What happened when Katniss threw her knife at the wall on the train?
  10. What does Katniss do after the Tribute Parade?
  11. Who is Katniss's "shadow" during training?
  12. What did Peeta joke about the arena being?
  13. What did Katniss do after Peeta's interview?
  14. In the arena, what does Katniss get at the Cornucopia?
  15. What first threatens to kill Katniss?
  16. Who gets killed by the trackerjackers?
  17. What gets damaged by the explosion when Katniss blows up the Careers supplies?
  18. What song does Katniss sing for Rue?
  19. Who is the hunger games announcer?
  20. Where does Katniss take Peeta?
  21. What is Prim's goat's name?
  22. What allows Katniss to go to the feast without Peeta following her?
  23. Who kills the girl from District 2?
  24. What kills Foxface?
  25. What is so disturbing about the wolf mutts?
  26. How did Peeta tell Katniss to shoot Cato in the hand?
  27. What did Katniss do when the doctors took Peeta away?
  28. Where did Katniss admit to the act?
  29. What is a Mockingjay a cross breed of?

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