The Hunger Games book one: What character are you?

This quiz is based on the BOOK not the movie. I haven't included all the characters in the games, just the mains. You may be surprised I have included Thresh and FoxFace. This is because I think these characters are very interesting.

Would YOU survive in the games? Or are you more of a sacrificer? I hope the character matches your personality! If not, take the quiz again with a different approach.

Created by: FizzyPop
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  1. Somebody you admire is working with you on something. To impress them you...
  2. Your dream job is...
  3. You would change your name to...
  4. Your season is... (If you haven't done my other quiz about seasons, just pick your favourite season)
  5. You are about to spend 3 days in a random place in the world. You are allowed one possession. You pick...
  6. What is the best first impression you can get?
  7. Circumference of a circle. What's the answer?
  8. You are better at...
  9. I eat...
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Quiz topic: The Hunger Games book one: What character am I?