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[All character are mine, do not use them or their design.] This quiz is based on characters from a story I'm still working on. There is no place to read it yet as i haven't even started to write it. This quiz was mostly for me to be able to have some decriptions on my 8 main characetrs.

So who are the 8 mains? We have the two so called 'main-mains' I call them that as you'll only see the world from their perspective. The two main-mains are Demetria Moonleaf and Cenric Holsten. Both of which who only wanted a simple life and none of the drama they have been sucked into. But instead of me telling you about them, just take the quiz and see. Sorry in advanced for any typos.

Created by: william
  1. Choose an element.
  2. Choose your hogwards house (if you don't know it, pick the one you think you fit)
  3. What is your dream job?
  4. Which would you rater be?
  5. Would you consider yourself hardworking?
  6. Would you concider yourself attractive?
  7. Do you have a visable scar on your face?
  8. Family is imporant.
  9. Does a plants life matter to you?
  10. Which part of your life deserves a sitcome?
  11. Do you have a lot of siblings?
  12. How do you meme?
  13. Do you prefer pastel colours?
  14. Tea or coffee?
  15. Do you like to spend time in the kitchen?
  16. Books or movies?
  17. Kill or be killed?
  18. If you had the ability/chance to help someone, would you? (P.S read all the answers and answer truthfully)

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Quiz topic: Which Character am I from my OC's