He called me dude part 1

Cassidy and Seth are the main characters in this story. It is another love story. Here is a basic outline I've come up with so far: These two characters have to move to a different middle school because of the increased population in their city. They become friends and as school goes on, Cassidy is zapped and forced to go out with a "bad guy" type of boy whose name is Ray. News spread and her mom finds out she's "dating" and her mom wants to see who she's dating.

So when her mom comes to pick her up at school, she grabs her Seth and pleads him to pretend to be her boyfriend whenever her mom was around because he was the "good guy" type. He's the straight face, clean type of guy. Ray really likes Cassidy and starts becoming more "human". There are two paths: a love triangle forms between the three and the story ends or Cassidy rejects Ray and the story continues to eighth grade where Seth uses Cassidy as the "rebound girl" when he gets rejected by his crush. *** means that the character views change. You only have to read and don't have to answer and don't have to read the results.

Created by: 54packers

  1. I walked very slowly in the out of the clothes department. I looked back to see my Mom just sitting on the bench with this tired look glazed all over her body. Her eyes drooped. Her mouth drooped. Her eyelashes and eyebrows drooped. Her hair drooped. Her head drooped on her neck. Her back drooped. Her arms drooped. Her legs drooped. Even her socks drooped. And there's Shanna, leaning her right foot which was in front with her left foot out behind her, balancing her. Her right hand was cupped around her chin with her left hand on her hip. Her thickly lashed eyes, pale blue and narrowed, were slowly traveling down the dress designs. Black top, purple ruffles.
  2. I knew she was going to buy it. She always wants something that stands out in the crowd. That dress was crazy enough. I could spot it first right out of all the other simpler dresses. It was small, for petite girls. But us Jacksons. We're big. Bigness runs in the family. Shanna was a soccer girl too. So she works out a lot and she's pretty big around the thighs and upper arms. She hates that. And I know it too. Although she kisses her thick parts in front of me and says she can lick ten guys at her school. If someone were to look at her, they might think she's fat. But she's not fat. It's all muscle. I know it's muscle. But I call her fat anyways just to piss her off and deny that she has muscles. Some guys might even say she's hot or a little cute.
  3. She had always wanted to be cheer leader. But as she grew, there was no way she was ever going to get into a skirt. She was terrified of skirts or really short shorts. She always wore long sweatpants or jeans when possible. Yeah, I know she cries in the bathroom sometimes because of her thick legs. There are probably some b----y girls at school that show off their slender thin legs. So when I hear her cry, I guess I feel bad and so I drop off something to cheer her up by sending it through the crack at the bottom of the bathroom door. She would scream, "GO AWAY YOU TROLL SNOT!!" Yeah, she calls me troll snot. Loudness. Also runs in the Jackson blood. The bathroom door is gonna fall off any day now.
  4. I dunno if my "cheering up technique" really helps at all or not, but I feel better when I do something. I dunno what else I could do because her muscles are always quivering and ready to rip my jaw off. At least there's a door protecting me and the fact that she doesn't want ANYBODY to see her crying. "That's too small for you fatty!" I shouted back at her. She didn't hear me. I looked back ahead and put a green balloon to my mouth and started puffing air into it. A green sac of air began swelling in front of my face. A sudden shriek made my lose hold of my balloon which takes off, spraying spit-air in my face. "Mom, it's too small! And it's the only one!" Shanna wailed. Oh yeah. Short temper. Did I tell you that ran in the family too?
  5. I hate that everyone says I look like my sister. Why couldn't I look like my 9 year old brother, Ben, who had brown eyes and brown hair? Instead I have these pale blue eyes, thick blonde lashes and a dirty blonde mop attached to my scalp. Just like my sister. I guess you could say I'm a little big and somewhat square. I'm not near that point yet though. I'm pretty average sized with just a little firmness packed to my shoulders and arms and in my bones. I'm still shorter than most girls. I watched as the balloon goes into spirals, making a sound like when you blow on a baby's tummy. I followed it. It stopped in the middle of the floor. I picked it up quick and started blowing again. It swelled and expanded, the same size as my head including my stubborn poof hair.
  6. I heard a little cry. I looked to my left and there's this little two year old, holding her mom's hand and holding the other fist out at me. The mom was sitting on a bench with one hand texting on her Blackberry. There were three boys eating ice cream not too far from the mom. I tied the balloon ends and walked over to the two year old. I couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl. The clothes could be either gender and the face could be either gender too. I handed the balloon to him or her. When I got closer I noticed that his or her hands were sticky. The small fist shut around the balloon. The mom looked up from her Blackberry. I smiled and walked away. I took the balloon bag from my pocket and took out a balloon. Blue. I started blowing again. This one expanded just a little bigger than the green one last time. I took in another breath from my nose to transfer through my mouth. As I blew through my mouth, the balloon escapes from my hand and goes blasting off again. This one doesn't spiral. It goes farther instead of higher. I ran after it. It lead to the food area. And then it started sputtering a squeaky sound and spiraled up and down. It landed on a head.
  7. The person was sitting on a chair with his or her head on the table with his or her arms wrapped around. I could see one of their eyes were closed. The thick mess of plain, brown hair softly framed his or her cheek and it didn't cover their neck fully. The hair was sticking in every direction and fuzzed. He or she wore a dark green jacket over a white T-shirt. A green knapsack was strung around their shoulder and down at their waist. The green pants looked like last year's pants. He or she must have gotten taller because the pants were high, showing his or her droopy white socks. But the small pants still fit his or her thin figure. There was a tear at the knee. There was a green cap in front of him or her. There was a small flower on the front. It's a girl. And then her eyes opened. Her eyelashes were long and brown. A tired look was glazed all over her body. Droopy everything. Her clothes were a little tattered and had a gross green tinge. Not exactly the bright green, just a dull, guacamole color.
  8. She raised her head. The saggy, aired-out balloon still clung to her hair. She put her cap right on it. She stood up and grabbed the bags beneath the table. I started to say something. "Uh, hey. Uh..." She started walking away. "Hey!" I shouted as I ran up to her. She was still walking. I put my hand on her shoulder and turned her around. Her expression stayed the same droopy, unsurprised, tired look. She didn't blink those plain, simple brown eyes. Same color as her hair. She didn't speak. This was starting to annoy me. Like I said, short temper runs in the Jacksons. "Hey, uh..." I stuttered. She just stared. I took my hand off her shoulder and said, "Uh, never mind." With that, she swung her hair and knapsack around and walked a little brisker. And I thought she'd turn around slowly and walk slowly again, but she walked as if she had something important to do.
  9. ***
  10. "Cassidy!" my 17 year old cousin Nelly called me over. I had to sprint when I saw that she was way ahead. "What," I groaned. Nelly took one of her ear buds out of her right ear and said, "Agh, you're no fun Cass. Hurry up!" She stopped to cross her white arms across her striped tank top. "I'm coming," I drawled. "And don't call me Cass," you added out of the side of your mouth. Nelly grinned, showing her blue braces. "Well come on then. There are these really cute outfits you should wear for school and I need your opinion on my new bikini," said Nelly. She jerked her head one way to move the strand of silver hair out of her dark blue eyes.

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