First Kisses come in Seventh Grade RYAN PATH

this is ryan's path where you end up with Ryan. Chris's part is coming up after this. thanks for taking my previous quizzes everyone and thanks for taking this one!

I hope you enjoy the final part! And I might be writing a story called: "He called me dude: part one" It's about a girl who somehow dates a really bad boy and when her mother comes along to meet her boyfriend, she grabs her guy friend and she makes him pretend to be her boyfriend every time her mom is around. haha so yea, take it if you wanna or ever get bored :)

Created by: scumbag

  1. You stood at the window. It wasn't snowing. There was no tree. Mum had been cooking all day for tomorrow which was Christmas. All your brothers were in bed by now. Your Mum wasn't going to wake until 12 in the afternoon or something. There was a sudden thump at the front door. A cold clammy fist clenched around your heart. Late at night and someone's a few feet away from you. You didn't move. There was absolute silence as you stood there in the dark. You inched across the living room to the door. Nothing else. You ran right up to the door and peeked through the peep hole, standing on Willy's toilet stool. No one out there. Just an empty street, an empty porch, a street lamp. You went back to bed.
  2. Christmas morning was a little crazy. Your brothers hovered around Mum for half an hour before she finally allowed them to drag her downstairs. Then they all take off to their pile of gifts. You had bought them all each one thing and a necklace for your Mum. And then your brothers are shouting and screaming when Mum opens the curtains because there's snow outside. Tons of snow. 6 inches. 6 inches?! Seriously, maybe you should start watching the news now. No one stayed behind to clean up the wrapping paper, bows and tape. Everyone grabbed their stinky snow pants from the dirty clothes basket and start covering themselves and then running outside and plunging their stupid heads into the snow. Your Mum smiled as she put on the hot chocolate and took out a bag of marshmallows.
  3. You put on a coat, mittens and boots. You step outside. You stepped on something. You looked down. Newspaper. Not the roll that Chris usually sent. All jumbled up with scotch tape. Trampled. You picked it up. It wasn't just newspaper, it was a package. Trampled?! You ran back inside. You ran to your room. Trampled by your brothers and now you step on it. You shake the snow out of it onto your bed. The tape was already peeling off. You slowly unwrap the thing. You laid out six and a half wet newspapers. Inside was the newest book, 32 Shadowstorm clues that was supposed to come out on January. You forgot to breathe. Inside was a note: Congratulations, you're the first one in the whole world to get to read the very first 32 Shadowstorm Clues book series two. Beneath that was a white box. That had a purple tag that said: Megatons of Merriness to the Maximum friend. Come to Central Park, my dad's got sleds.
  4. You opened the box. Brown, roughly shaped, unrecognizable. Were they edible? You poked one. A walnut fell out. You bit into one. Homemade fudge with walnuts. The flavor spread over your tongue. You smiled. There was no signature, but you knew.
  5. You told your Mum and you guys all go to Central Park. Ryan was there and he did have sleds. Your brothers went crazy. Just seeing him. Seeing Ryan in the morning in first hour where his hair was all messed up, after swimming where his hair is dripping wet, when he's concentrated on something, when he's reading and here when his cheeks are red and he's got a winter hat on. It just kind of makes your heart beat a little faster, look at him a little different. You don't wanna, but you realize that he's cute. And then maybe you change your mind when he bombards you with snowballs. You did a lot of laughing for no reason. He pulls off your hat. You pull off his and then you get mad when he buries it in slush. "Ryan, I am NOT putting on that thing anymore!" you yelled at him as you kicked over the snow to reveal part of your hat. "Put mine on!" he shouts back from a distance. You still had his black hat in your hands. You turned around at him. He was grinning. You grinned back. Instead of putting it on, you buried it. Right under the icy slush. You jumped on it.
  6. You guys chased each other around. You fell down a lot into the snow banks. Icy snow shot up your coat sleeves and caked your whole neck. Your gloves were dripping. Ryan and you were freezing more than your siblings were after an hour. You kept thinking, it may be cold but his smile and eyes are warm. It was a little cheesy and dumb, but it's true. His grinning laughing eyes just kept you firing. And then finally, somehow a truce was formed. He offers you his mittens and sticks his own in his pockets. You guys walk around until his dad passes out hot chocolate. There were four adults talking and smiling on the bench now. Ryan's mom and dad, your Mum and Steve. Plenty of marshmallows. Not the little kind, but the jumbo puffs. Somehow, a small fire was set. You forked three marshmallows onto your stick waved it in front of Ryan, "Triple marshmallow torch." He takes two from the bag and plugs it right onto your stick. Now you had five. "You needa have a pretty big mouth for that one," he said. You forked a five marshmallow torch for him.
  7. When hot chocolate was done, your brothers were begging for a game of hide and seek. Well, you and Ryan end up being hiders. You ran in one direction but then he pulls you into a huge pine tree when Nick counts down to 3 seconds. There was barely any room in the tree. He had to lean in over you. Suddenly, Ryan is taller than you. You felt safe and a little awkward. He slips on a pinecone. He falls on you.
  8. His mom calls out that it's time to go. He doesn't look back and you saw that his ears were bright red, you had a feeling that maybe they weren't just cold.
  9. It was snowing again. You were home and it was 7pm. The snow was getting up a foot. It was the packy kind, good for snowballs, snowmen, and forts. 12 and a half inch. Might as well play with it now while it's still fresh. In the morning, it'd be all stale and crunchy. No cars were out. There were kids across the street. Don't worry. Not the mean street thugs but just a few elementary kids going crazy in the snow. Good thing there were no cars. There was an old guy just shoveling and shoveling his block in the corner. It was already dark, but the street lamps lit up the street and there were parents sitting around.
  10. You threw a couple, got hit a couple, and sat behind your brothers' forts. They could've made a whole fence for the yard. You got a little bored and started walking. You walked down the sidewalk, into the alley. Where it was complete silence. It was still snowing. You sneezed. And then you were hit from a snowball on your back. Without thinking, you scooped up a good glob and sent it hurling at whoever threw it. You hit Ryan right in the chest. "Hey, nice one," he said as he trudged over. "Eh, lucky one," you said as you turned around. "Hey, wait up! Where are you going this late?" said Ryan. "Somewhere," you mumbled. He followed you.
  11. You guys walked and walked through the alley, just talking a few and then walking a few. For you, you coughed a lot. And then suddenly he turns you around sharply. You stared at him, his eyes locked with yours. "Will you go out with me?" Just like that. His voice soft and steady. You push away. It was a simple question. Yes or No. But how you were you supposed to answer that?! He was your best friend, but there was also this little spark that lit up sometimes. Like today. It was silent. Too silent. And then you realized that you held the power at the moment. "I- I'll think about it," you said. "Will you?" Ryan repeated. More silence. "No," you said firmly. Lots of silence. "Oh, ok. I understand," he says softly. And then his cell phone dings. He opens it. "Hey Sakura," said Ryan. He listened for a moment and then he said ok and then he shut the cell phone. You noticed he still had the pencil accessory on it. "What'd she say?" you ask him. "She wants me to meet her. She wants to talk," said Ryan. You nod. "Then go to her," you said. He shook his head. "Then why didn't you tell her no?!" you scolded. "You want me to leave you here alone?" he asks. You coughed. Bad timing. A series of coughs. "Yeah," you mumble. "Okay," he says and then he walks away. You just stood there for a little while. And then that little spark manages to steer you in Ryan's direction. You ran after him.
  12. "No, wait!" you shouted at him. "What," he said as he turned his head. You stopped to breathe. "Before you go, you gotta hear me out," you said panting. "No, I won't go out with you," you said. You paused. No coughing. "But...that doesn't mean I don't like you," you finish. "What kind of answer is that?" he asked sneering. "Go. Go, but come back," you told him. Then he nodded. "Yeah, I'll be back. It's a promise," he said confirming it. "Ten minutes," you breathed. Before he took off, you thought you saw a little smile.
  13. You started walking again. You walked into Rene. "Erin... I haven't told anybody yet and I wanted to tell someone so bad, but I can't." "What's wrong? Rene?" "Well, I kinda... I like Ryan. He doesn't know it and I want him to know it. I really like him and I want to confess to him, since he's not dating anyone. At least, I think he's not. My question is, do you like him, too?" "Psh, that simple minded idiot? Course not, so what's up?" "Well, since he hangs out with you so much and I guess you've something going on, I just... I dunno. I guess I'm asking your permission, since you're friends and all," she stammers. "Rene!" you yell. She looks up at you surprised. "Of course you dummy! You don't hafta ask anyone's permission, jeez! Love is love, you don't ask permission to fall in love. If you love him, go for it. It's ok, and even if I did like him, which I never would, you don't have to ask permission. I'm not dating him am I?" you laugh. "So... it's ok with you?" she asks timidly. She was wearing your checkered red mittens and scarf. Her thumbs were hooking and unhooking. "Yes Rene. Go for it ok? And if he rejects you, I'll MAKE him like you. Don't worry, I don't feel anything for him." "Ok, thanks Erin," she says looking up with glittering eyes. She has this glad happy look on her face that made the burden on your guts lighten.
  14. "Hey, wanna go home together?" she asks. "Uh, no thanks. I uh need to do something before I go. Go home before you freeze." "Ah, okay, see ya Erin," she says. "Hey, the dumpster doesn't smell," you tell her. You guys just stare at each other and then laugh. It wasn't smelly anymore. The cold had frozen the garbage smell. You grinned at her as she turns around. You watch as Rene trudges away in the snow. Her head was held up, she was probably looking at the sky searching for stars when there were clouds. You smiled in amusement as her head bent down sharply. Snowflake probably scraped her eyes. Her mittens were jammed inside her coat pockets. You knew they were going to soak later on. She moved side to side. Her small figure shrank until it came to the street light at the far end of the alley. Her figure turned to the left and she disappeared. There was nothing left, but the lightly falling snow swirling beneath the street lamp's light.
  15. "You dummy." A voice comes from behind you. You jumped. "You're such a liar." He's looking right at you. Hazel eyes locking your gaze from beneath a curtain of dark brown hair. "How can you say that when you're about to break down?" He says. "Shut up Ryan," you mumble. He stands in front of you. Your hands come up automatically to shove him away. He catches your awfully small wrists and stares at you in a way that made you a little scared. He was awfully close to you, awfully tall, leaning in. You felt so small. Your heart beat. You wanted to wrap your arms around this familiar, protective body. But you couldn't. You were just friends. "Ryan... let go," you say.
  16. Instead he pulls you right into that warm familiar body. Your face was buried in his shoulder. He really had grown. Your arms hang limp on your sides as he wraps his arms around your back. He gives a small laugh snort, "Pff. Let go," he echoes. "You're always pushing away from me, and I let you. And it hurts doesn't it? I'm not letting go, I won't let you go." "Ryan..." He grabs your chin and directs it towards his. Your eyes shut automatically as it always does when something comes close to your face. He's kissing you. You felt suddenly weak. Your knees were going to collapse. But his other arm caught you before you collapse. It encased your waist. You just hung there, your arms feebly attempting to push him away. He stayed where he was like a wall, except brimming warmth. Safeness, comfortableness, familiarity... All you remembered was the darkness of the alley, the total quiet, and the kiss...
  17. You opened your eyes. You were in your bed. Ryan was sleeping in the chair in front of you. It was 2AM. You smiled. First kisses do come in seventh grade.

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