First Kisses come in Seventh Grade 37

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And then you were in there. It smelled of so many things. Pizza, cinnamon rolls, popcorn chicken, cookies… Ryan dragged you over to the cookies. You guys passed a freezer of ice cream and yogurts. Fruit cups and soda pop. “Choose one,” he said to you. “Huh? What? No, you. And hurry up, I wanna go eat my nachos.” Ryan takes two. One chocolate chip and one fudge chunk. You paid a dollar for them. As you head out, Ryan hands you the fudge chunk. “Why you giving one to me?” you asked him. “Because they’re mine and I can do whatever I want with them so here,” said Ryan.

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  1. You wake up. The window curtains were parted to reveal a purple sky with clouds bleached in peach syrup and shots of gold streaks. You had to rub your eyes to adjust. Your stomach was growling. You weren’t hungry. You had enough snacks last night. But the results were murky stomach. You rise from your pillow. Your Mum was gone, her sleeping bag was gone, the room was back to normal. Nothing messy. It was like you woken from a dream. You remember fuzzily last night when your Mum pretended to be your best friend, Amanda. Suddenly a loud blaring wakes you up.
  2. You bolt out of bed. You jammed your fist onto the alarm clock and bolted out of bed. The sky was not velvety purple with pink shot clouds or golden streaks. It was gray and there was no sun out. Your stomach was growling. You were hungry. The room was a total mess from last night, but your Mum was gone, her sleeping bag and her silly purse and accessories all had disappeared. You yank the door open and go into your Mum’s room. All your brothers Derek, Nick, Jonathan, and Willy were snuggled up against each other. But their blanket was on the floor and they were using each other as pillows. You go downstairs to the kitchen to get a waffle that was all ready to eat. It was cold, but you didn’t bother to toast it. “Hi Amanda,” you said as you walked into the living room.
  3. “Huh?” your Mum didn’t turn your way but gazing out the big window. “I said morning Amanda,” you said. “Amanda went home,” she says simply. “So, I can call you Mum now?” you ask her. “I AM your Mum,” she says. “So… what about the mess upstairs?” you ask her. “What mess?” she says. “Oh you know from jumping around and stuff from last night, remember?” you said impatiently as you sit down on the couch. “I have no idea what you are saying,” she says. You were getting annoyed. “So you’re not gonna help me clean up?” you asked her. “Well, you clean up whatever you and Amanda did last night,” she said with a little amusement in her tone. “But Mum! YOU made half that mess last night! I don’t know how to fold clothes anyways and you were Amanda, jeez!” you said. “I’m Mum, I’m not Amanda. Amanda is gone now so it’s your responsibility,” she said with a motherlike tone this time. You growl. She shifts her position on the couch and says, “Eh, besides. I’m too tired.” You stomp out of the living room. You came back. There was a thump at the door.
  4. Newspaper. It was Sunday. You rush to the door in your flip flops to retrieve it. You bend down to pick it up. Something hits your head as you bend down. It was a paper airplane. You look up at Chris grinning at you. You snarl at him as you pick it up as well and opened it. It said: Hi little trumpet. You look up at Chris. He turns his hand in a circular motion, telling you to turn the paper around. On that side it said: Come over here. You stare at him like, Wow. You smirk as you walk over and stand next to him. “Good morning beautiful,” he smirks. You blushed, instantly thinking, “He called me beautiful?!!??” But then you realized he was being sarcastic because you were in your morning state. He laughs as you give a yelp and throw your hands on your head. “As if that’s gonna hide it,” snorted Chris. You aim a kick but he bikes away just in time. “Hide what!?” you scream at him. “Oh you know, that jungle that has invaded your scalp,” said Chris. “Mind your own business, and don’t you have a job to finish?” you said.
  5. He reaches into his sack and pulls out something. It’s an envelope. Like it was made by some elementary kid. And then suddenly it hits you. You realize it the moment he gives it to you. It was the mailing system that you and Mandy had created in 5th grade. There were all your little notes and letters inside. It was a little rumpled and still had tape on the back. This was the envelope under your desk that you forgot to get after 5th grade was over. Now you had it in your hands, you felt a bulge in your throat. Finally you manage to ask, “Why do you have this?” “Uh, I have a little cousin that is going to your elementary school and he found that under his desk. I was picking him up and he had it and I was teasing him about a girlfriend since he had that and he gave it to me. I saw your name so… yea,” said Chris. He laughs a little. “You didn’t like Mr. Schieding that much either did you,” said Chris. You shook your head smiling. The memories started pouring back and you kind of missed the old cranky Mr. Schielding that you thought you hated.
  6. There in the corner was a little marker writing that said: “It is authorized that Mr. Schielding and Pansy Webert keep their greasy little nosehairs out of other people’s businesses. Mind your own business and return lost item to the owner of Erin White. Partnership with Mandy her BFF. Copyright 2010, plagiarism is punishable by death. Signed, Erin White and Mandy her BFF.” The handwriting was attempted but failed cursive. You smiled a little. “Mind your own business,” Chris mimicked. “That told me right away this had to be yours. Nosehairs, eh?” Chris laughs and you turn red. You remember that the first days of school, Ryan had told you to brush your hair. You had told him to shave his nosehairs. “Hey, see you later,” said Chris as he started biking away. “See ya!” you called as you run back inside.
  7. You walk down the hall to Rene’s locker. “Ugh, I HATE Mondays,” she groans. You give her the pencil accessory you made. “Ooh… what’s this?” she asks as she examines it with interest. You felt pride glow inside. You tell her. She grins and sticks it on her pencil. Just. Like. That. It took her just 5 seconds for her to put it on. No hesitation, no thought, she liked it. But then you wonder, if she gives it no thought, does she really care about it? She did. She kept twirling it between her fingers. A good luck test charm.
  8. You were wrong. It did not bring good luck. Instead of the usual tugs on your hair, Ryan kept playing with pencil accessory. Mrs. Pearson had to finally take it away until the end of social studies. It was weird. Rene did great. She drew with her pencil with accessory behind the teacher’s back as always. Ryan did not touch it at all during math. And then in science he starts playing with it again. “Ryan, put that away,” our science teacher Mr. Farber had said. Ryan did put it away. But he takes it out to write with and again it’s a distraction again. “Ryan, that is becoming a distraction for you. What is that anyway?” Mr. Farber demanded. Ryan shrugged. “Well, give it to me here,” said Mr. Farber. “Will I get it back?” he asked. Mr. Farber didn’t answer. Great, now Mr. Farber was going to keep it for the rest of the year. “Nice going, Ryan,” you mumble under your breath.
  9. Brandon Swanson, a guy at your English table was counting the seconds on the clock, his fingers drumming along with it. “Five… four… three… two…” The bell rung. You stayed standing there like a rock in a stream with all the kids rushing past you. Ryan ran right past you down the hall. He always did that. One of the first ten or five to be in line. You never followed. You waited for Rene. “I smell… naaaachooooooooessss!!” she sings as she filed out, the last to get out of class. “Hurry up or else all the chocolate milk will be gone,” you tell her. She shrugs. “So, I’ll go to A ‘la Carte and buy some pop,” she says. A’ la Carte. You remembered you owed Ryan something there. He was going to take you there too. “Hey Rene, wait for me,” you told her as you changed direction to your locker to get the money you brought. Two dollars. That’s all Ryan was gonna get. Ranging from a fruit snacks and candy bars to a muffin or soda.
  10. “Now we’re really gonna be late for the chocolate milk!” Rene complained as you slowly turned your combinations onto your locker lock. It popped open and a book came tumbling to your head. So did a pencil sharpener that you never emptied. Rene laughs as the pencil sharpener empties itself and pencil shavings cling onto your hair and scoots themselves into your scalp. You stand there still recovering as Rene picks up the book and sharpener. “Hey, you’re reading 32 Shadowstorm Clues? Huh, by Luuuukkkee Nammwoooon,” Rene said in her silly duck voice. No wonder Ryan laughed so much at Rene. You throw the pencil sharpener into your locker and shout at it, “Bad sharpener!” Rene pipes in, “Yeah, bad sharpener! You emptied out all over Erin’s head!”
  11. You guys laughed and then you put the book on top of the sharpener. In the corner of your locker, was a little scrap of paper. You picked it up to throw away. You turned it over. There was writing on it. Sloppy. It said: Stay away from Chris. Were people setting up cameras all over you? Jeez, it was like reporters stalking a celebrity. Rene leaned over your shoulder. “You write that?” she asks. “No,” you murmured. “Who did?” Rene asked. You shrugged and crumple it in your pocket. “Who’s Chris?” she asked. But all you said was, “Chooooocoooolllllaaatttee miiiiilllllkkkk!!!” as you ran up the empty stairs.

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