First Kisses come in Seventh Grade 28

READ THIS! Okay so please keep track of what you last read and I hope you still remember. Go and take part one if you haven't taken this yet. And I HIGHLY RECCOMEND THIS SONG WHILE YOU'RE READING


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  1. “Hey, you read 32 Shadowstorm Clues?” said Ryan. You follow his glance. He was looking at the three books you checked out yesterday. “Yeah, I’m still on the first one,” you say. He grins at you, “I finished all three and the fourth one is coming out tomorrow.” Your eyes locked. You were thinking the same thing. “Wanna bet again?” you ask him. “Sure,” he says casually. “Don’t forget our first bet, the one if you get an A on the test with my help then you owe me fudge,” you remind him. “Of course I remember,” he says. “So this one will be on something I like. Whoever gets the fourth book first receives pumpkin bars,” said Ryan. “Hey, that ain’t fair! What if I don’t know how to make pumpkin bars!” you argued.
  2. “Eh, look it up in the library’s computers. What did my Mum’s taste like? I don’t take failures,” said Ryan slyly. “Ok, fine then.” You were both trying to read each other’s mind. Your eyes darted to the door as Ryan’s did as well. But you couldn’t go right now. You had to study. Your eyes clash again with his hazel honey stones. You guys both agree to have a truce until the study hour was over. You made a plan. At five you would grab your backpack, get on your bike to the library and personally request it from Natalie and at the same time, be in time for Chris’s study hour. Ryan didn’t have a bike and so he’d have to run there instead.
  3. Explaining the concepts of fraction and decimal relationships to Ryan was complicated. He had an attention disorder as you called it. He kept clicking his pen and then complaining about pencils breaking. Once you even snatched a pencil from him and eyeballed him, “Are you even TRYING!?” you snarl.
  4. Scene: “Do you even know what 8 times 4 is?” you asked him. He stroked his chin like he was some professor. You threw a pen at him. He stops the chin rubbing and says, “21? No, no, no. Wait, I got this! 84!” He sneaks a glance at you. You were glaring. “Okay, okay, I don’t know. Tell me,” he says. You throw your head onto the table and groan. You look at him. “Are you stupid?” you ask. “Yeah,” he says. “At least you know that,” you groan again. “Hey, I’m not that dumb,” he shot back. You snort. “You know what a headache feels like? It feels like an elephant’s sitting on your head,” you mumble. He laughs. “Yeah, you’ve got an elephant on your head and I’ve got a troll on my leg.” It wasn’t really that funny, but you guys just laughed.
  5. “Ok, ok, teacher. I apologize for being such a dork. Will my grateful teacher accept my sincere apology?” he asks. You smiled, “Apology accepted.” And he did get serious after that. There was only ten minutes left on the clock till the handle struck 4:50 which was usually when you guys would stop. “Every Friday, I construct a quiz for you to take,” you said. “This can’t be good,” Ryan moaned. “There’ll be 10 questions and if you finish it in ten minutes with all correct answers then I’ll buy you whatever you want at A’ la Carte during lunch,” you tell him. His head shot up. “I’ll do anything for food,” he brightens.
  6. As you guys pack up ready to leave, Ryan says, “Hey, thanks for helping me study. My dad will murder me if I don’t get an A.” “Ha, yeah. No problem, I’m reviewing too,” you tell him. “You think Rene should come over too? She gets even lower grades than I do,” said Ryan. You think about it. “We should. I’ll tell her tomorrow and see if she consents,” you said. “Make her,” said Ryan. “She’s coming,” you say. The clock struck 4:50. Ryan flew out the door. “Hey!” you shout as you jump after him with your backpack. You shut the door and you guys completely skip porch steps and all. He’s running full speed down the sidewalk. His sneakers blaze the cement. You knew he was faking his injury from before. You get on your bike but then you think that might not be fair since he was carrying a heavy backpack and he was running full speed. Maybe you should run too. So you ran the other way instead.
  7. You finally got there at the library doors. Ryan was’nt there or coming. He was probably going to request it at home computer. You go right up to Natalie and say breathlessly, “I want to request 32 ShadowClues book 4.” Natalie puts your name on request. You look at the computer screen. First request! You were getting pumpkin bars. “Thanks so much!” you thanked Natalie. You were amazed at how fast Natalie was with her fingers. She winks at you. You hear the door open. You turn your head and there was Chris. He smirks at you. He glides in smoothly and sits down at a table. Jessica was nowhere in sight.
  8. Chris had made new flashcards for social studies. Before you leave for home after the hour, Chris reminds you, “Don’t forget our next cross country meet next week October 9th.” You nod. And the test was going to be on November 1st. Today was October 5th, Thursday. A whole month to study for the test. Before he left, you had given him his 40 cents plus another 10 cents out of your own pocket. “Hey, what’s this?” he asks, “Soda money?” “No, I told you I’d pay for the damages. It was only 10 cents. So here’s your money back,” you tell him. “No, you keep that then,” said Chris. “No, YOU,” you said. “Go and get yourself a soda, you deserve it teacher,” he says winking. He plops the coins back into your hands and says, “By the way, how many students do you have?” he asks. “Huh?” you ask. “It’s not just me you’re studying with, who else?”
  9. You glance over his shoulder. There was Jessica stacking books but she had a smile on her lips. “Two,” you say firmly to him. “Me and?” Chris asked. You stared at him. “Mind your own business,” you snap. You don’t know why you were feeling irritated. “Fine then, I can study on my own,” Chris snaps back. You were confused. Why was Chris acting like a little kid now? What did Jessica tell him? Was he jealous? You lifted your backpack on your shoulders and made leave. It was awkward because you guys were both eager to leave but your homes were in the same directions. You guys walk side by side at the same fast pace. No one wanted to be the awkward loser who got the door slammed in their faces. You turned the other way. His voice halts you. “Where are you going, your house is this way,” he says.
  10. You keep walking. You thought he had walked off too but then he was suddenly behind you. He doesn’t say anything. Neither do you. You walk as if he wasn’t there. You walk right past his house. You thought maybe he’d be gone now. He wasn’t. His footsteps shadowed yours. You walk right to your house and up the porch steps. He followed you right up there and you wondered if he was going to follow you right into your house. But he opens the door for you. He even bows as you walk right past him. He lets the door swing closed and you shut the door. You knew that he was gone this time.
  11. Okay, you were spose to read the top paragraphs if you hadn't.

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