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  1. BLEEP. BLEEP. BLEEP. You grumble to yourself as you get out of your bed. You blindly slam your fist onto the alarm clock and stumble out the door. You find your mum unusually out of bed early and see her with this huge smile on her face. She kept kind of dancing around in the kitchen and into the bathroom next door to wash her hands. You follow her in there to wash your face and she's dancing in the bathroom too. You didn't know that dancing in a bathroom was even possible, well at least in YOUR bathroom, especially one that wasn't that big.
  2. But when it comes to mum, anything was possible. Like... dancing in a bathroom. She dances out and you shut the door on her back. When you walk out there's this stingy smell that hits your nose and you wonder what the hell mum was doing. She was frying something. Sizzling and a whole lotta steam wafts up. You could've sworn this was going to become the world's second country to have the most pollution. "Whaddya doin?" you ask her. "Cooking," she answers lightheartedly. "Cooking what?" "Something special," she says in her giggly girl voice. You shove your feet into your socks and grab your backpack ready to go when you mum tells you, "Oh no Erin, you are not leaving right now without tasting your mummy's new dish. You still have five minutes left, you didn't have any breakfast silly girl." You groan and sit down.
  3. Your mum turns around with the pan and you see her wearing this new apron. Brown with pink polka dots all over with flowers on the hem. "Mum?!" you ask. She doesn't hear you and goes to the counter to scoops up some of whatever she made and plopped the plate right in front of you. Unidentified brown, green, and yellow gobs and objects with this oily ooze puddle. She turns around and dances again. It didn't smell too good. At the moment you wish you had a dog right now under the table. Which you don't. So you watch as your mum goes into the bathroom again and then you set it on your chair. You'll apologize later. You push in your chair and tell her, "Ok, bye mum! I'll be going now, pick me up at 4:50 for my cross country meet!"
  4. You scramble out the door and nearly miss your bus again. Today was music day and you were glad you left your trombone at school. You make it in time into the bus. You manage to find an empty seat and plop down. The bus takes its usual route to school. Go onto Claremont street and then to Davey avenue to pick up these two kids and then another stop for this group of kids. And then it would go over the bridge. Today it stops for a red light. And as it does, you happen to glance out the window. There was Chris. He wasn't carrying anything and he had on his running shorts and shirt.
  5. He had this determined look on his face. He's running full speed right over the bridge and when you look at the back of the bus, the guys are laughing and cheering, "Go Chrissy!" One guy even pops open a window and gives a hoot. A sandy haired guy chucked something at Chris. But Chris was in his own world. He was speeding on the bridge and then the bus goes, toppling off everyone clinging to the window. The bus driver shouts something that you couldn't hear. The bus goes right past Chris on the bridge. For a moment you were surprised the bus was faster than Chris. He really was determined about today's race.
  6. "The major test will be in about two weeks. You guys need to study well to prepare for it. It covers everything that we've learned so far in this school year and some other things you might not know. This test will identify talented and gifted students and how much you know. Don't stress out over it, just study well and you'll be fine. It'll be all review," said Mrs. Pearson as she hands out review packets of all the geography things you've covered so far. You could hear Ryan groan behind you at the thickness of the packet. You look at the back of the classroom where Rene was sitting. You grin to yourself at her pained face. She might be prettier, funnier, seem better in every way but there's one thing she can never beat you at. Studying.
  7. Delinquent and a nerd, you remember Ryan say at the first few days of sixth grade. Yea, he was right. You turn around to face Ryan. "I gonna beat you so bad," you sneered. "Yep you probably will," Ryan grumped. "Hey," you say suddenly ticked off a bit. "I bet you will get an A if you study with me." He looks up at you. "You wanna bet?" he challenges. His eyes were flickering and grinning. "Sure. If you flunk it, I owe you five walnut fudge bars for being a bad teacher. If you ace it, you owe me five walnut fudge bars for me being the best teacher ever," you say grinning now. "Okay. But you know I'm not that easy to teach," he warns. "We'll see," you say. "By the way, why bet on fudge?" "Because it is the most exotic food of Nature," you say dramatically. He gives a laugh. "Starting after school, after the cross country race today," says Ryan. You nod.
  8. Through the whole day, all you've been doing was worry, nervous, worry, nervous. Ryan must've poked you at least 3,095 times and tugged your hair 6789 times and you didn't find it distracting at all. All you could see was yourself losing in last over and over again. When you leave lunch you realized that you didn't eat anything. You were supposed to drink a carton of white milk! Rene may have talked to Ryan all day, and if she did, you didn't care much.
  9. And then suddenly school was over. The bell had rung and kids were rushing out like a cattle drive. You head straight to your locker without waiting for Ryan or Rene and then grab your stuff to the locker room. Change, tighten your ponytail, tighten it again. Your fingers weaved through your poofy hair, you retied it. Tight high ponytail. You went to the bathroom twice to make sure you got it all out of your system and then go take your last drink from the water fountain. You strap your shoelaces tight, slung on your backpack and walk out of the girls locker room.
  10. "Hey, you ok?" Ryan asks you. "Sure," you tell him as you walk out the door. The field was stunningly green. Like it had never been touched by a single athlete's foot. This was an all athlete territory, not some toe dance scene. You were going to have to ruin it, rough it up before the other runners from other runners came. "Don't run too hard before the race," warned Ryan at your side. You didn't quite hear him. You placed your foot, got set- go. You take off shooting across the fields. The beautiful grass was an illusion. It happened real fast. In slow motion, your right foot came forward, hit your left Achilles tendon which left the ground two seconds too slow, your shoe dug into a crack of dirt and didn't come up. Your front body heaves forward and you jut your chin. "ERIN!" you hear him holler. A pair of feet pad close to your ears. Out of the corner of your eyes, you could pick out a pair of green running shoes. You felt yourself pulled up to face the wearer of the green shoes.

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