First Kisses come in Seventh Grade

This is quiz is named First Kisses come in seventh grade but it starts in sixth grade just to tell you. And you might not even have to answer all or any of the questions except for the last one. Please don't leave until you've taken the whole thing to decide whether or not you'll stay tuned. Check out all the boys too!

Please take your time to take it, you might be thinking, "great, another love story on gotoquiz," but it might actually be worthwhile. It's not all just on love. I hope you enjoy it! PLEASE DON'T STOP TAKING THE SERIES UNTIL YOU'RE DONE WITH PART THREE TO DECIDE WHETHER OR NOT YOU LIKE THIS, THANKS.

Created by: scumbag
  1. "Students, there are two more weeks from now until summer-" Your head was dropping lower and lower. You jerk it back up to the tiny figure in front of you, your teacher, practically sprinting back and forth across the room with his white wisps of hair swaying this way and that on the top of his tiny scalp. "Erin." Your head jerked back up again. He was still rambling. You close your eyes again.
  2. "Erin." You open one eyeball and stare at the teacher. Nope, wrong direction. You slowly twist yourself around your chair, your butt the center of the solar system. Your eyes hit your favorite pair of blue eyes, your best friend. "Erin," she whispered in a loud enough whisper to reach the front row. She was sitting two rows one row back from you, the third row and she was holdng up the smallest wad of pink paper in the whole world. She sets it back on her thumb and index and fires. It hits your forehead. It takes you four seconds to recover as you reach down and snatch the bullet before Mr. Schieding or Pansy Webert.
  3. You rotate your butt back to the front and slowly unravel. The seam started at one end of the wad, you peel it off. Under the side of the paper, it was sticky. Your unravel a little bit more, the rest was not sticky. The paper was a pink post it note. The note was a drawing of an old little granny. It had an arrow pointing to the grandma. At the end of the arrow was your name. There was a sloppy speech bubble on top of the grandma's head. "YEEHA!" You snort to yourself and stick the paper under your desk where there was an en envelope. Three weeks ago, Mandy your best friend, came up with the idea of your own mail service. She had made two envelopes from her math notebook paper and glued them under her desk and yours so that you guys could mail each other with notes. She called it secret service post office. You just had to avoid gettign pulled over by Mr. Schieding or Pansy, the cops.
  4. You smile to yourself as you feel the bulge of the envelope beneath you. "Remember when you were all kindergarteners? First graders?" asked Mr. Schieding. A sea of nodding heads. "Well, remember when you first came to this room?" A sea of nodding heads. "And I said to you, young citizens, congratulate yourselves. You are now fith graders, the big kids of the school. You are role models!" Half a sea of nodding heads. The others were groaning. "Well... now that you're in fith grade, what comes next?" "SIXTH," the class booms at him. "Yes! Quite right. Now that you're in fith, you'll be in sixth and you'll go to Maline Middle, no more recess, no more playing in the snow, and..." No one looks up. "...and you will be the smallest people again. Class dismissed." The bell goes off and everyone's running out.
  5. "D'OH!" you shout in the car. "What?" your mom asks. "I FORGOT MY STUPID ENVELOPE!" you scream at her. She was calm and quiet. "Oh?" "D'UGH!" you grouch and slump in the back seat. You'd left your envelope and there was no way to get it back. Mr. Scheider would take it, laugh in an evil way and take it on his retirement trip with him and broadcast it across the world. You forget about the broadcast as soon as your mom asks you, "Want some fudge today?" "YEA!"
  6. It was Sunday morning. You wake up earlier than usual. You didn't want to get back in bed. It was Sunday. And usually when it was Sunday, it meant school was tomorrow and there was no yay about that. But today you knew, no school. You can do whatever you want. Well, whatever your Mom allows you to. You walk into the living room where your mom was just sitting and staring out the window in her cermeric robe. You wave your hand in front of her face. "Good Morning," she mumbles. You poke her head and then go stand by the big living room window. There was the small lawn that stretched from beneath the window up a couple feet and then ended when the sidewalk trimmed it off. Across the sidewalk was another patch of lawn and on that side of the sidewalk is a batty old mailbox full of arachnids.
  7. And then you hear a loud thump at your door. "Paper man," mom says. You walk over and open the front door. There was a roll of newspaper on the floor and when you look up you see a blonde haired boy on his black bike and a huge sack on his shoulder and the front of his bike. He doesn't notice you as he pedals to the next house, stops and throws perfectly straight at the doorsteps and porches. You pick up the newspaper and shut the door. "Hm, new paper boy eh? He seems pretty good at this job and his first day too. I guess that other guy quit." "Uh huh," you answer absentmindedly as you go into the kitchen for toaster waffles.
  8. Two whole weeks passed without an air conditioner. You were bored and hot. You go outside and sit on the porch steps just staring at the empty street. Your four little brothers were romping around in the basement. The newspaper guy was coming. He stopped his bike and this time, he stuck the paper roll into the mailbox. "HI!" you randomly shout. He mounts his bike again, but you can see his eyes kinda slide sideways at you. He doesn't turn his head or his upper body, just his eyes. And as he goes, you remember the color gray.
  9. For the next few weeks, that's what you do. You sit on the steps in the morning on Sunday and you randomly shout "HI!" at him. Sometimes his eyes slide, a lot of times, he just goes on about his job. You get frustrated and mumble to yourself,"How rude!" And then one day you didn't come out on Sunday morning. You look out the window from upstairs and watch the newspaper boy ride his bike up your street. He stops at your mailbox, drops in the paper and looks around. He stays there a minute longer like he was waiting for something. And then he takes out a pad of post-it notes and scribbles down something. He walks up to the front door and the rest you can't see until he comes back out onto his bike. As soon as he disappears, you rush downstairs and yank the door open. On it was a post-it note and it said in bold sharpy pen, HI.
  10. The next Sunday, you sit on the steps again. He comes and you shout, "HI!" He stops, puts in the paper roll and writes down something on a post-it note. And his eyes lock for the first time into yours as he slowly sticks the post-it onto the mail box door. And then he takes off. You run towards the paper and read it, it said: Where were you yesterday? You stare at the guy's blonde head. You wondered if he was deaf or something. And then you see that he had earbuds in his ears with an ipod at the end as he took it out of his sweater jacket. You take the note and put it under the mail box. You smile to yourself. And sooner than ever, it was time for school.
  11. What kind of guy do you prefer?

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