First Kisses come in Seventh Grade 9

Been taking a lot of fantasy stories? Why don't you put those down for a bit and try something realistic fiction! Ok, so the whole process of Erin and ryan becoming best friends is a bit too complicated for me to put in words and boring so yea…

I'm trying to speed it up and can't come up with much good stuff so if you get bored... well I really hope you stay tuned because here's something, a relationship that starts out bad and gradually gets better seems to worth more than a happy lovey story, if you get what I mean which you probably don't xD. I hope you like!

Created by: scumbag

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  1. In science you could sit anywhere you wanted too. For the last two days, the Ryan boy had sat by himself at one table. Today, he did something else. He grabs a chair from that table and sets it on the short side of the rectangular table that you and Mandy were sitting at. You and Mandy sat on the longer end with you next to him. He declares, “I am sitting here and nobody steal my chair.” Because in science class, people tended to steal chairs because some were colored different and some had a comfy velvet bottom.
  2. He took a hard blue one and sets it there. You don’t remember who started it, but he takes your pencil box and pushes it across the table. It didn’t fall off, it nearly did. “Ha!” you shout in his face as you go retrieve it. Mandy’s sitting and watching as you guys steal each others’ pencils and books. “Quit taking my stuff!” you yell at him again as you snatch away your pencil box. You seize his binder from beneath his arms and run to the recycle bin with it. You dropped it in there -plop.
  3. “Hey!” he shouts as he comes running over. You run back to your seat as you and Mandy giggle. For a few days, it was like that, in science, study hall. During lunch you find that he does have friends except that they weren’t in any of his classes. Two guys and him at one round table during lunch. You guys would walk side by side in the hall, going to the same classes and ram each other into lockers. When you’re getting your stuff from your locker, he ditches you and does something to your seat when you come back. When he’s getting his stuff, you slam his locker shut twice and then make a dash before the late bell. But he wasn’t all that bad.
  4. Your bus was late and you forgot to grab breakfast. In first hour, you could have breakfast with you. He asked you, “Where’s your breakfast?” “Forgot,” you say. “You dummy,” he says. “You just want the juice,” you shot back. You always gave him the juice since you’d only drink milk. You thought it was dumb drinking two different beverages at the same time. “No, did you have breakfast this morning?” he asks you. “Mind your own business,” you spat. “Here,” he says as he takes out his poptart and snaps it in half. He sets the poptart half and chocolate milk carton in front of you. “I already ate breakfast,” you grumble at him. “Quit lyin,” he says.
  5. That’s what’s so annoying about him. He knows when you’re lying and when you really want something. And what’s worst, he doesn’t back off like Mandy when you’re moody. He butts right in and solves it fast. And you don’t notice what’s happening to Mandy. Mr. Burton announces, “Alright, find a partner and share your stories.” You turn to your left lazily and your eyes hit Ryan’s at the same time. You nod and you both get up. He walks over to your desk. “Erin?” Mandy asks. You point to Ryan. “Oh,” she says and continues finishing writing up hers.
  6. There was something wrong with her you noticed right away. You wave your hand in front of her face. “What,” she says. You poke her. She doesn’t respond. Now you’re feeling a little sad. And then during the sixth grade night where the teachers hired a DJ, sold pepperoni/cheese pizza, pop, fruit snacks, and had kids swim in the school’s pool. The gym was divided into two, one was basketball, one was volleyball, and there was dancing games in the hallway.
  7. There were game tournaments lining the hall with prizes for the one who wins the five games that each two-pair plays. Three game tournaments going on, checkers, scrabble and connect four. Mandy walked ahead to the dance room. You stared at her but then you dragged Ryan to the Connect Four area. “We call this station first!” Ryan sat at one end; you sat on the other end of the table. A teacher stood over you to watch you guys play. You read the white board.
  8. Prize for connect four was a twinkie of your choice and two Maline middle school pencils that glowed in the dark. Cheap prize, but whatever. Game on. He goes hard on you. So do you. Fifteen minutes later you guys were 2 to 2. You were panicking. You couldn’t let him win. Never.
  9. He was winning. You didn’t pay attention to the trick he was playing at. In the end there were only two places left for him to drop his checker. If he puts his black checker into the first slot, he wins, the other slot, you can win when it’s your turn. Except that it was his turn and he would definitely put it in the first slot. You slam your head onto the table.
  10. Two seconds later he says, “Your turn.” You lift your head up. “Huh?” you ask. “Your turn,” he says gesturing to the board with only one slot left. You were going to win. Was he really that dumb? “Hey!” you shouted, “You’re doing this on purpose! You dimwit, you’re dumb but you’re seriously not THAT dumb. You coulda just put it right there!” you screamed at him pointing to the empty slot that would’ve allowed him to win. “Oops, looks like you’re winning,” he says. “That’s. Not. How. It. Goes,” you say through gritted teeth.
  11. You lean over the connect four game. “Don’t go easy on me.” And then all the checkers fell apart. They just rained down from the bottom, now no one was winner. “Next,” the teacher calls to the other pairs waiting. Later down the street Ryan says, “Well, nobody won, thanks to you.” “Shut up,” you tell him, “You’re the one who misses on purpose, who does that? Oh right, YOU would, dumbo.”
  12. “Hey, it looked like you wanted to win so bad though,” he says. “Not that way!” you shriek. “It’s not winning if the other side isn’t even going against you! You gotta play honestly and fair, so that when you win, you win for real. If I lose, I lost honorably, if I win, I win the right way to earn the name that I won. I’d rather lose because you beat me rather than win because you let me. So you won the game,” you say. It was just his steps and your steps down the school’s sidewalk going at a beat when he breaks the silence.

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