First Kisses come in Seventh Grade 6

Make sure you took the first one before you take this one. Please take your time to take the story although it may seem boring and off the love topic but it

may have some funny episodes that you might like. I hope you like it and will stay tuned for the next parts. :))

Created by: scumbag

  1. "Jerk, jerk, jerk..." you grumble to yourself as you nestle next to your brothers on the one big bed. Across the hallway from you and your brothers' bedroom was your mum's bedroom where your two little brothers slept with her. Your two older brothers slept with you in your room. One third of the room was all yours to put your stuff. You shut the lights out.
  2. Nick's already asleep, but Jonathan was wide awake. You sleep on the edge of the bed with your back to him. He stirs against you. "Erin?" he asks. "What," you say making your voice sound tired so he won't decide to talk to you all night. "How was sixth grade?" he asks. "Huh?" you ask. You turn onto your back so you were facing the ceiling. "Well, you weren't here today at school on the playground and those kids were watching me." "What kids?" you ask knowing perfectly well what kids. "You know... remember those kids... that group of boys that's always-"
  3. "Always picking on you, yes I remember. But they don't do it anymore do they?" "Well, they didn't when you were there." You turn around onto your side and face him. Well, his side face anyway. He was turned towards the ceiling too. A stream of moonlight lit his face. "What did they do." You weren't asking. You were demanding. He shrugs. "Everything ok?" you ask. He shrugs again. It was quiet for a while in the darkness and then he says, "There's a boy in fifth grade. He's helping me."
  4. "Stay away from them. Stick with that Jeremy boy you always hung out with," you start to say. "Jeremy has a new best friend," he says. "Well, who do you hang out with?" You were facing the ceiling again but you could almost feel him shrug. "Defend yourself since your big sister isn't there anymore. There are plenty of people to be friends with. Like that Dugan boy who always comes over and plays marbles with," you say.
  5. "Jonathan! Don't say that! You're not supposed to judge people on their looks." "I know, I know, but I just don't like him." "Well, you gotta stand up for yourself," you say and turn over on your back. You were feeling tired. Two minutes later he asks, "Erin?" "Yeah?" you ask in a tired voice which was very real. "How was sixth grade?" "What? You already asked that question." "Yea, but you didn't answer me." "Oh. Well..." you think about your day. It was very long. You say, "I met a retard." "mum says you're not supposed to say words like that." But you were already asleep.
  6. You wake up. It's 7 AM. You panicked. By 7:10 you had to be down there fast. You should of woken up earlier at 6:30. You literarily make a leap out of bed onto the floor that would have earned you 10 points and over on a leaping test. You run through the door and dash downstairs. You were fully dressed when you were asleep, so you splashed some water onto your face and dragged a brush through your hair. Your head looked like it was run over by a train.
  7. You growled at the lopsided twine forest that had infested yesterday's caramel streaked, pulled-taffy. It wouldn't brush! You left the comb stuck in your hair and decide to brush your teeth first. The toothpaste cap was missing. Derek's great game of toothpaste cap scavenger hunt. He doesn't forget to screw it back on or lose it out of carelessness.
  8. He just purposely hides it for you to find or you guys would end up with stale toothpaste. You just grabbed a toothbrush, squeezed out the stale gel on top and then squirted the softer gel into a perfect swirl right on the bristles. You brush your teeth. Something felt different. You grabbed the yellow cup that you used for rinsing our mouths. The inside was crayoned. You set it down and used your hands instead.
  9. You grinned. Your reflection had something wedged in between your teeth: a white toothbrush bristle. You spit out the bristle. You laid out all 21 brushes on the sink and inspected each of them, perfectly trimmed. You ran to the wastebasket. You found yourself looking at heaps of Lady Gaga's plucked eyelashes, different color-dyed eyelashes. And then you realized they were toothbrush bristles. Derek's innocent maroon scissors lay on the toilet seat. You left the bathroom.
  10. You passed your mom's room. Your twine-head wound around the door. Mum was neatly tucked into his light blue cover. Two mauve teddy bears were tucked on either side of her. Derek must've put them there after she was sure he was asleep. Willy was asleep with his feet on his pillow; Derek was all ready for school. "Wake up your brothers," you tell him as you grab your backpack and throw on your flip flops. And you didn't even grab breakfast.
  11. You decide to go out the back door which was in the back of the kitchen. As you make your way to the door, you happen to glance at the clock. 7:04 AM. You make a run for it. The bus stop was just two corners away, about 7 billion yards away is what it feels like at the moment. You got there. The bus was there. But it was leaving. You wave your arms like crazy and shout after it. The stupid dumb driver can't see you. You're too short.
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