First Kisses come in Seventh Grade 4

This is quiz is named First Kisses come in seventh grade but starts in 6th grade just to tell you. And you don't even have to answer any of the questions.

Please take your time to take it, you might be thinking, "great, another love story on gotoquiz," but it might actually be worthwhile. It's not all just on love. I hope you enjoy it!

Created by: scumbag

  1. And then Mandy makes a run for it. Mandy had green sneakers. Mandy? No. You look up. You look up in time to see the back of a brown, twine forest infested head leave around the corner. The room was nearly empty and Mandy was gone. You quickly pick up and run out the door to run into the principal.
  2. Before you leave you hear the short conversation, "Morning Mrs. Pearson." "Morning Principal Wilmot. How were the sixth graders today, eh?" "Oh, nobody crying this year," he chuckles, "Getting their lockers and rooms right, nobody cryin, nobody cryin..."
  3. Mandy was waiting by your locker for you. You two both walk to the same class. You compare scheduales. All the same except that she had choir and you had band. She asked you what you were playing. You answer tuba. She had to cover her snort. "What?" you demanded. "Nothing," she snorts again and grins.
  4. You poke the side of her head and take off for third hour yelling back, "Beat you before the bell!" You run into somebody again. Literally slam into them, your hands were on them, hard abs. You think," teacher,"
  5. You look up and get caught in smirking gray eyes. Bluish tint. The closest that you'll ever get to rare eyes like these. You give a squeak and he clamps his hands onto your wrists. You squeak again. "Don't get into any trouble now hey?" he says. He flicks his head to a sign that said, PLEASE WALK.
  6. Your face really feels hot right now and there was air conditioning in the school too. He lets go and says, "Don't let the teachers catch you, lucky you ran into me." Mandy runs up to you laughing so hard you kicked her and you two both ended up late. But you were exscused since it was your first day.
  7. During lunch time you that feeling was haunting your hands. You grossed out. Abs. Real abs. You've never even touched them. One thought always leads to another. There was a drumming in your chest.
  8. You had to wash your hands fifteen times lathering with thick coats of hand soap before lunch which never happened before. What if he decides to, or accidently lays his hands on your waist? It wouldn't exactly be a guy's dream.
  9. You look around the bathroom. No one else but you. You lift your shirt and stare at the mirror. Your stomach was sagging! By just a centimeter.
  10. You panicked. But then you calmed down. No curves, no flat stomach, not exactly. But it was ok. You wash your hands one more time before going to lunch.
  11. Sorry, but results do not again. I'll try to make sure results are part of the story in the next parts. Thanks for taking this!

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