First Kisses come in Seventh Grade 31

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  1. You take out your homework. He gasps at the blank answers. “Whoa, undone?!” He takes your math and geography sheets and turns them over in disbelief. “You’re always done before me! I come and I see full sheets of answers!” he exclaims. “Whatever,” you said. “You should be totally done right now since there’s no practice,” said Ryan. “So what, mind your own business.” He grins. “Aw, was it because you took all that time to make this pwetty pencil accessory for me?” he asks in a puppy tone. You just smiled.
  2. “By the way,” said Ryan. “Did you read the book yet?” he asks. “No,” you answer shortly. “Dummy,” he said as he threw himself on your sofa. Suddenly Derek bursts into the living room frantically. “What’s up?” you ask him. “Hide me! Hide me!” he practically cries. “Why?” asked Ryan. “Mommy gonna shave my head!!” You shook your head and chuckled. Ryan was serious. “Here, buddy,” he said as he herded Derek into the corner where your two sofas met. You get up and push the sofa away from the wall. Derek scoots in there as best as he could. You sit back down just as Mum comes running into the living room wild eyed. “Where is he?” she demanded. “Eh, ran to my bedroom upstairs,” you tell her. Ryan had grabbed a book right before Mum burst in. She shook her head. “Erin, I know you’re hiding him. He’s behind the sofa, isn’t he?” she asks. “Of course not,” you argue. Your Mum smiles and murmurs, “Being a nice big sister.” She walks over and moves the sofa aside with you still on it.
  3. “Ah, there you are Derek,” she says. He still did not surrender. He disappeared. Just like that, he took off up the stairs. Your Mum gave a loud groan as she jumped off the sofa and ran after him upstairs. Ryan stuffed the book back into his backpack. You guys laugh. And then Ryan says, “Does it have to be a shave buzz cut?” You shrug. “Well, that’s all my Mum knows. And it’s easier and neater,” you say. “Mind if I be their barber today instead?” Ryan asked. You stare at him, eyes boggling. “You’re crazy,” you say. “No, my Dad used to shave my head too. You don’t KNOW how much I HATED it. Probably all guys hate it now that I see how serious your brothers are. I brought home a book on haircuts for boys to him one day on haircut day and he actually learned from it too! So I don’t get shaves anymore,” he says. “Plus, I learned a few simple ones too,” he added. “Sure, go ahead then,” you say. “Really?” he asks. “Yeah, sure,” you say. He runs upstairs. And then he pops his head back into the living room.
  4. “What was the little guy’s name again?” “Derek,” you tell him. “Ah, thanks,” he says as he takes off again. You look at his pencil case that was still on the table. It was weird. His Mom must’ve labeled all the little sections. There was a section that said, Pencil, Extra Pencil, Highlighter, Red Pen, Black Pen, and so on. Each section was large enough for whatever item it said and each was filled. You came to Test Pencil. Right in it was the pencil with the accessory. You grinned as you rush upstairs. It was 4:51. It was like a barber shop. All your brothers, even Willy lined up from the bathroom door and oohed and ahhed at Ryan’s every stroke.
  5. Ryan would comb and snip, comb and snip. Your Mum was sitting on the closed toilet seat, watching very carefully with her arms crossed. Ryan had told her he was only going to give them trims with a little twist. Your Mum agreed due to Derek’s nonstop pleading. The results were magic. Derek’s head was even spiked loosely on the top of his head. His sides and back of his neck were neatly trimmed. The hairs ended in tufts and spikes. “Next,” Ryan called. Derek looked like he was about to hug Ryan’s waist but then thinks about and says, “Thank you!” “Anytime,” said Ryan. He did Nick the same. He did Jonathan the same. He even managed to make much of Willy’s scarce hair. Your Mum claps and says, “I’d love to hire you sometime!” She stands up, “Now grab a broom and clean up you two,” she says. “Hey Mum!” you shout. “Uh, it’s okay, I’ll clean it,” Ryan offered. After your Mum leaves, you nagged him, “Stop being the goodie goodie around here.”
  6. Five minutes later, there was a knock at the door. Derek had opened it again and shouted, “Erin, your boyfriend is here!!” Ryan stares at you his eyes boggling. BOYFRIEND?! You tell him awkwardly, “Uh, I’ll be right back…” You dash downstairs. Derek had run off again. You stop halfway. Chris? He’s giving you a lopsided smile. And then the smile disappears as his eyes trail over your shoulder. You looked behind you. Ryan was standing there. You look back at Chris. Bam. Bam. Bam. Clash of hazel fire and blue ice. STAY TUNED
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