First Kisses come in Seventh Grade 22

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  1. And then suddenly one guy grabs you from the back and you see Chris running towards you, “STOP!” You were a little surprised to see him run right at you. The guy’s arm around your waist and buckling your arms to your sides. Chris was still very far away. And the thugs were very close and far from far away. You remembered reading a book where this guy woke up in a room strapped to a chair. Well, the thug was the chair, his arms were the belts strapped onto you. You had your four main weapons: your two arms and your two legs. Right at the moment, they all seemed to be locked. Well, your legs were free. But good were weapons if you didn’t know how to use them?
  2. The most obvious was to stomp on the guys foot. But you knew that your weight cannot, CANNOT, crush this guy’s foot. It won’t even hurt him. He could just pick you up and hurl you into the dumpster. But then you remember when you hurt Ryan’s sneaker with your flip flop. He said you weighed a ton, Maximum Megatron. All metal, tough, and heavy. Maybe he was just weak. This guy wasn’t. You didn’t do the most obvious.
  3. You stopped struggling. You gave the thug four seconds to loosen a little bit. You suddenly did a one motion flick. You twisted right out of his grasp just for a second. You turn around and knee him in the groin. Your megatron metal was kicking in. His arms flailed and he collapsed. You tried to break a run. They grab you from both sides and take hold of your arms. One of them grabbed you by your shirt collar. His fist was held back. He was going to let a blow. “You gonna hit me? You gonna? You gonna?” you ask him. “I already have enough aches and pains from cross country running, I’mma go to the hospital already, but I suppose you hit me and I’ll lie in the hospital bed with your money, eh? Hit then, hit me,“ you made is sound like a threat. Which is it was kind of. The guy kept his fist held back. Chris got there. Was he even panting from the run? He tears you from them easy. He pulls you behind him.
  4. You got a glimpse at his eyes from the side. They were lasers. Gray bonfires with icy blue lasers. You were silent. His glare was scaring you. He wasn’t glaring at you though. He was lasering the thugs who stared back with steel eyes. You were looking up at roughed up taffy hair streaks and a solid back. The thugs focused their attention on Chris, not you anymore. “Give us our girl back,” one of them grunts. “You stay away from my house, stay away from my Mum, stay out of the alley, and make sure there’s a twenty feet distance from you and the girl,” Chris sneered in a voice you did not recognize. You did not think it was possible for Chris to stand up alone against five mean and ugly thugs. Well at least three thugs and two skinny guys. One guy spits on the ground. It’s a big glob. He spat good. He spat far. “That marks our territory,” he growls. But they backed off. You had the feeling that these guys and Chris knew each other before they tried to kidnap you.
  5. They veered off. He turned back to you. He gripped your shoulders. He looks you in the eye. You stare back at him. This was the first time you could say that you saw the closest view of eyebrows. “Don’t mess with them,” he says. “Hey, it wasn’t me-“you started to interrupt. He tells you, “Do not get them mad. Don’t try to beat them up. You know how girls think they’re so much stronger than guys? Well in middle school, the guys are stronger. Girls can hit us. But we can break them. If we wanted to. Don’t get those guys over there mad. Don’t talk to them. Just run.” His scentless breath is crawling all over your face. You push him away. “Yea, yea, I know. I’ll stay away,” you tell him. “Don’t use this alley anymore,” said Chris. You nod. “So we going to the library or what?” he says back in his normal voice.
  6. You guys bike over to the library. Made it there just in time, 5:00PM as scheduled. He opens the door for you. You hesitate a bit, but then you walk right in. The public library. Even better than the school library. He pulls your shirt sleeve over to a table. He hands you a stack of cards. “Did you write on these?” you asked him staring at the pictures and labels. “Uh, Jessica did some,” he says. “Oh,” you say. Jessica his girlfriend. So why couldn’t he study with her if he could do cards with her? You guys seat yourselves across from each other. He stretches out his legs and leans back. His foot hit yours. You kicked it. He kicks you back. You kick again but there was nothing there. He was grinning. His feet were pulled back under the chair. You glare at him. On with the flashcards.
  7. “What is the phase where the chromatins line up across the cell attached to spindle fibers?” you ask him. “Metaphase,” he says. You looked at the back of the card. Metaphase. You switch to the next card. There were six cards. Your legs were falling asleep. You straighten them out. You feet fall right into a trap. As soon as you straighten and stretch out your legs, his feet close in around yours. You foot was locked. He had a firm grip. Even with feet. He’s grinning at you and you’re looking away with your face kind of red. The librarian was staring at you guys. From the librarian’s point of view, she could see under the table. Your face is contorted into pain and blushing madly. You give another attempt to break free. The librarian was still staring. You turned your head the other way. Jessica. You knew it right away. Jessica. Jessica. It had to be her. Beautiful red curls. Taller than you, curvy and slender. A perfect heart shaped face with crimson locks framing her face. Perfectly applied mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow and perfect amount of makeup.
  8. As soon as you turned your head, your eyes hit hers. She was staring back at you with her jade eyes. She looked a little surprised to see Chris grinning at you and you staring at her with your leg locked into Chris’s under the table. She’s still standing there not sure what to do. You knew it was hurting her. It was tearing at her heart. She was getting jealous. Chris is cheating on her. That’s what she’s thinking. She’s thinking, “Omg, is that Chris? What’s he doing with another girl?”
  9. She snaps back to life. Her eyes are now glistening and suddenly sharp. They were darker and they were glaring at you. You weren’t sure if she was mad or going to cry. She was walking towards you. She suddenly got very close. Chris looks up. She snatches the cards right from your hands. You weren’t looking at her anymore. “Hey, aren’t these mine?” she says. Her voice was cool and smooth. Chris snatches them back from her. “Hey, don’t be mean Jess,” said Chris. You move your foot. It was still locked between his. You struggle to get it out. He had a very firm grip. You give a Megatron kick with your other leg. All three of you could hear a clunk under the table as your foot was released. You get up quick and stare right at Chris.
  10. “Sorry, the timing is really bad,” you say as you grab your trumpet case next to him. You made a move to leave. But as you reach over, something clamped onto your wrist. You glanced down. Chris’s hand was wrapped tightly around your wrist. He wouldn’t let go. From Jessica’s side of the table, she couldn’t see what was going on. “Those are mine, give them back,” she snapped. What was she trying to accomplish? Chris takes out four of them. He took out the ones with the neatest hand writing and pictures. He hands them to her. Jessica grabs at them with her sleek black nails. She leaves as if she had done something superior. But you knew she was going to break down after she gets out.
  11. You didn’t feel too good. It was like… you were the bad guy. It felt like you were caught doing something wrong. The annoying underage brat who butts into a wonderful love story. The librarian was gone. “Let go,” you mutter. “Why are you leaving?” he asks you. “I’m so embarrassed... I’m sorry for her misunderstanding... I-“ you didn’t know what else to say. “The timing is so wrong. Chris, you gotta go after her. She’s crying,” you tell him. He shrugs. “Don’t you even care?!” you scream at him. You looked around quick. No librarian in sight. He doesn’t look at you. “What if I don’t want to?” he says. “She’s your girlfriend, you gotta go after her. She must’ve thought that you were cheating on her. Chris, go after her. She’s crying,” you said. And then suddenly he does the most unexpected. He pulls you down. Your eyes were wide open. Strange that when something close comes close to your face, human reactions are that you blink or close your eyes. But your eyes were wide open. Your mouth lands on his. He’s kissing you. Your legs go weak. The last thing you remembered were blue-gray eyes. The trombone falls from your other hand and hits the floor. PAUSE I’M JUST KIDDING,T HAT NEVER HAPPENS, IT’S KIND OF TOO SOON, I KNOW IT’S THE PERFECT PLACE TO INSERT A KISS SCENE BUT THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN BECAUSE I WANT THE FIRST KISS TO HAPPEN IN SEVENTH GRADE SORRY ;P

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