First Kisses come in Seventh Grade 18

Don't bother reading this paragraph. This is quiz is named First Kisses come in seventh grade but it starts in sixth grade just to tell you. And you might not even have to

Or this, just skip to tanswer all or any of the questions except for the last one. Please don't leave until you've taken the whole thing to decide whether or not you'll stay tuned. he story.

Created by: scumbag

  1. The band of runners left behind a few of the slow runners. The shorter people, the bulkier people built for football or lazing on the couch, not the swift running type. You could see Mandy as one of them. The runners also left a true athletes grounds. A field full of scrapes and scratches, overturned dirt and trampled blades of grass that shown humble and honest in the sun. "GO CHRIS! GO CHRIS!" your scream was drowned out by other cheerers.
  2. The crowd of parents were moving. They were taking a short cut to wait for the runners and cheer. You run ahead of them, knowing where the running track goes. You followed the marking cones. You waited. The runners were coming up the hill. Chris was ahead of them by three feet. He's dashing up the hill. He runs right past you. You were the first to shriek. You scream at him, "GO CHRIS GO!" He's zipping up way ahead. He's taking down the hill. Your head turns back to the people behind him. Two other guys were running after Chris. One was from Gregorhill and the other was from Phillines. A Phillines girl was panting right behind them. You knew she'd come in fourth place. You cheered them on too. "GOOD JOB PHILLINES, GOOD JOB GREGORHILL!" A whole band of eighth grade Maline girls rush by with a few Maline boys leading. "GO MALINE, GO! GOOD JOB GUYS!" you scream again.
  3. They pass by. You watch as Miranda took advantage of the hill. You saw her practice everyday before school. She zipped past everyone. "GO MIRANDA GO!" you shout. Another crowd of Phillines come by. "GOOD JOB PHILLINES!" You see the last of the people come. "KEEP IT UP GREGORHILL AND MANASA!" you shout. You turn around to follow the rest of the people up and there was Ryan smiling right at you a few feet away. You grin back at him and drag him to cheer on the rest. At the finish line, you wait for the first runner to come. There was Chris. He was going full speed like he did this morning. "GOOD JOB CHRIS! YOU'RE ALMOST THERE! GO CHRIS GO!" you squeal. His foot touches the finish line. The people there give him a blue 1st place ribbon. There were four other blue ribbons left for the top four to come. The rest of the ribbons were plain red and said, Participant.
  4. "I made it," Chris gasps as he comes up to you grinning. "First place too!" you exclaim, "Great job!" He beams. "Hey, could you grab me a water bottle?" Chris asks you. "Sure!" you reply like a dog. "Here," says Ryan behind you. He's holding a water bottle up to Chris. "Good job," says Ryan. Chris and Ryan for some reason kind of had a cold air to them despite the friendliness they were faking. "Yea, thanks," says Chris as he reaches over and takes hold of the bottle. Their hands for a moment gripped onto the same bottle and their eyes locked. Firey hazel and icy blue. Finally Ryan lets go and Chris takes it back smoothly. It was like Ryan was daring Chris to drink it. He did. Chris slowly uncaps it and takes a swig. He screws back on the cap and sets the bottle aside on the bench. You had a feeling that Chris wasn't going to pick it up again. They both nod to each other and go their own ways.
  5. You didn't know who to follow. Chris was heading towards the track to cheer on the runners, so did Ryan except he went to a different part of the track. You watch them go for a minute and then you head right to the finish line. You stand and wait right there as you see the second runner come in. He was running hard, so was the guy next to him. Phillines and Gregorhill followed by a girl from Phillines. When she sees the finish line close, you could see a wave of relief wash over her. She was slowing down her pace, big mistake. Miranda kicks up dirt and grass and dashes right past the girl. The girl looked up surprised and unprepared. When she realizes she was going to come in fifth, she speeds up. No help at all, Miranda was trying to catch up the boys up front. Was she crazy? She probably was. She broke right though the boys and exploded onto the finish line.
  6. Second place for Maline Middle. She jumps up and cheers. You cheer, "GREAT JOB MIRANDA!" She actually looks at you for the first time and smiles. You hold up your hand, she slaps it. She races over to your coach to see her time. The guys were coming in. You pump your fists for every single runner and did not leave until the very last runner. For the last runner, a lot of people were gone to their kids. The only ones left waiting at the finish line for the last person was the person's grandparents and you. And then you see him. He was a Phillines. He was pumping his fists up the way he was supposed to, running the right way, leaning a little forward and constant leg motion. He stayed that pace until he reached the finish line. "You the last one?" the guy asks him. He nods panting. "Good job," says the guy handing him a red ribbon.
  7. "Great job!" you tell him and hold out your hand for him to high five. He doesn't high five. He didn't even seem to see you. You watch as his grandparents give him all smiles and telling him how well he did. Your eyes travel to the ribbon he was holding. His fist was mashing it up. His fist was mashing and crumpling up the word Participant. "Let's go, Mom," he says. Mom?! She looked way too old to be a seventh grader's mom. You figured he was a late baby. A very late baby. You watch as his hands slip into the trashcan nearby. When his hands come out, they were empty. He threw his ribbon away.
  8. "FIVE MINUTES UNTIL THE SECOND RACE!" a speaker announces. Your time was coming. You had to be ready. You had to get a blue ribbon.
  9. ok end of the part but here's extras. You didn't know it, but Chris and Ryan were watching you the whole time you were cheering. Ryan: Wow. Erin is something. She cheers for her team as well as her opponents. What's wrong with her? I laughed to myself. So Erin. I had to smile. Chris: Erin... what's she doing? She's cheering for those Phillines and Gregorhill people?! NObody ever did that last year. YOu're not supposed to cheer on opponents you dummy! Ugh, she's something... she's weird. But I had to smile. She really was something. I wonder if she's something more..
  10. *This is the part where Ryan helps pick up your pencils* I watched the clock go. I remembered last night when my Cousin texted me. He told me, Do Not Be Late For Class. So I pretty much watched the clock the when class almost ended. Before I came to school, I made a three point plan: Be friendly, be prepared, make friends. So far, I had smiled at everyone I could. Then the bell rang. I hadda go. But then this girl in front of me spills at least 50 pencils on the floor all labeled with her name Erin White and sharpened. Is that what she did all last night? Who carries around 50 pencils in a pencil box. What a doofus. But I hadda help her. I can't just not care. I had to. I quickly scooped up all I could and dumped them into her lap. I didn't even get to see her face, but I knew that I'd never have to worry about not having a pencil for class again. I kinda grinned to myself. I didn't even get to see her face as I practically bounced to my locker. I had to circle the school two times before I found it.
  11. *What he's thinking about during the time he meets you* Dammit! Wish Carl and Jordan were here. But they're in a different team. This Erin gir... Geez, she's so iron headed and then dumb at times. Although she can be nice. Why do I keep following her around anyways? *some of his other thoughts* Gawd, guys don't abuse women, them damn girls abuse guys seven times a day
  12. *Scene: There he was, dark brown head still soaked and green t-shirt with a wet spot on the back. You run up to him and poke his back. You force on your goofiest grin. He looks at you. "That hurt," his usual retort. You did poke him a little bit too hard. "Sorry," you say. He stops right there. "What did you say?" he asks. "I said sorry," you reply. "Whoa! The first time I've ever heard you actually apologize! What made you do that today, eh?" You give him a look. "Haha, your hair's wet," you snap. "Haha, you have to lug around a big instrument," he says. You kicked him and march on.* After that incident, he starts being warm to you again. He's not so cold anymore and it kinda seems like you were friends again. What was he thinking when you said that? Ryan: I trudged down the hall. My shirt is wet, I'm wet, my head is soaking. Stupid gym teacher didn't even give us enough time to change. I'm probably leaving a trail of water behind me now. Suddenly a sharp jab digs into my back. I flip my head around to meet a pair of marble brown eyes glistening. You could see right through her goofy grin she was trying to shoot at. Her eyes were just glazed. But I tell her, "That hurt." And then she has this weird soft look on her face and she says something that kinda took me aback. "Sorry," she says. She meant sorry for the poke, but right there I kinda had the feeling that, maybe, that sorry was meant for more than a poke. Suddenly I felt bad. I felt like I had been kinda ignoring her. Was I? And then I just start jerking off at her. I knew everything was going to be ok after she kicked me. :)

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