First Kisses come in Seventh Grade 8

Make sure you took the first one before you take this one. Please take your time to take the story although it may seem boring and off the love topic but it

may have some funny episodes that you might like. I hope you like it and will stay tuned for the next parts. :))

Created by: scumbag

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  1. You couldn’t tell if he was acting or not but your foot stayed nailed there for the rest of the ten minutes left in class. The bell went off just as soon as you receive your first worksheet of sixth grade. You race out the door and stand behind it to wait for Mandy but avoid that boy Ryan. He came out first hopping on one foot and rubbing the other. He was talking to some guy and saying, “Dude… I never knew a flip flop can cause so much pain…”
  2. You could feel the corners of your mouth force themselves up. “Aw, jeez… that ain’t no girl, how much does she weigh?” The curves of your mouth sags. You wanted to punch him. You didn’t weigh that much. You just really nailed his foot. Probably last year sneakers too.
  3. When Mandy comes out she’s talking about how you nailed his foot under your flip flop for a whole ten minutes and she’s laughing and enjoying herself. You two part when she goes off another direction to the rest room. You go to your locker and do your combination number. You wondered how Mandy had opened it this morning when you collapsed. And then you remember that you guys had shared comb numbers yesterday.
  4. That seemed kind of dumb but you did it anyways. Someone taps your shoulder. Mandy was probably back. You turn around expecting blue eyes, but hazel honey colored is what your own eyes hit. And you weren’t looking straight into them, you had to kinda look up at them. They sorta seemed to smile. A friendly face. The Ryan boy. “Hey, how can you be a nerd and a delinquent at the same time, eh?” he asks.
  5. You shut your locker and jab his chest for each word you say. “Shut. Up.” He catches your finger. You wring it out of his grasp. “Late to class, probably overslept last night too by the looks of your twine forest infested head, and telling people to shave their nose hair,” he laughs, “but you decide to bother to even raise your hand for an answer.”
  6. “What do you want,” you mutter as you start to walk away. “Returning your pencil,” he simply replies as he sets a full sized pencil on top of your stuff. “This isn’t mine, you sharpened mine to a stub yesterday. You used it all day too.”
  7. “So, do you want that one?” “Nah, never mind then,” you say. “That hurt,” he says. “What, the jabbing? You weakling.” “No your megaton metal foot there.” You kick him, “I’m not heavy.” “Course you’re not,” he says and you guys make there before the bell. You forgot to wait for Mandy.
  8. So who do you want back into the story?
  9. Chris vs Ryan, who's funnier?
  10. Rate?
  11. Tell me if the story's getting boring in the comment box, please? thanx

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