First Kisses come in Seventh Grade 3

This is quiz is named First Kisses come in seventh grade but it starts in sixth grade just to tell you. And you don't even have to answer any of the questions. Please don't leave until you've taken the whole thing to decide whether or not you'll stay tuned.

Please take your time to take it, you might be thinking, "great, another love story on gotoquiz," but it might actually be worthwhile. It's not all just on love. I hope you enjoy it!

Created by: 54packers

  1. Your heart was beating. A lone door in the corner and the guys were going to lock you in like those middle school terror books, beat you up, give you a swirlie, make you late. But in fact, the red shirted guy pushes the door open and the dirty blonde shoves your scheduale into your chest.
  2. They shove you into the room and shut the door behind you, -BAM! You see a light. Familiar desks. Sixth graders like you. Twenty seats maybe with two empty ones in the front. And a friendly teacher, a gorgeous green eyed Mrs. Pearson. She smiles at you.
  3. You turn around to the boys. They grin and give you thumbs up. Mrs. Pearson glares at them and then they scram. You look back at Mrs. Pearson and she asks you, "Oh deary, did those boys give you much trouble?" You shrug and then you ask, "Is this room 105?" She nods. You look back at the door. You give it a small smile.
  4. Front seat again. You set down your backpack. You sit down. Something hits the back of your head. You hear a familiar whisper, "Erin." You turn around immediately to see Mandy crack up in her seat. You stare at her like she's a stranger and then you start giggling too.
  5. She flicked a piece of paper at you. It said, "I saw boys with you!" She laughs again silently. Mandy was kind of a roundish square person. She might seem cold to everyone but that's because no one likes her and were once mean to her.
  6. In truth she's really friendly, funny, and defendable for her closest friends. She claims she hates everybody but you and Jessie, also your friend now, and she especially cares not a thing for teachers... or boys. It was true, she never bothered with them, called them grandpas when they romped around, she never shows signs of ever being the dating type. She's tough, and when you met her, you respect her for that. You asked her once who she liked. If she even did have a heart for a boy, nothing could get it out.
  7. Isn't it impossible to NOT fall in love at least a little? It was pretty impossible as to how you see it. So she makes a joke of when you're going to get a guy. You told her never. Which was not true. You did like a boy in elementry and only him. His name was Zach. He has given you a few smiles and glances but the only words he ever ever said to you since you met him in kintergarten was, "Hand me that tube over there." That was in science class. Six words. You even recorded them in your diaries.
  8. "Alright, who knows Ryan Brunner?" Mrs. Pearson asked the class. No one answers. "Maybe he's getting his locker open..." she chuckles to herself. But you did know him. You just knew him. You knew he went to your elementry school. But you never talked to him. He was just one of those kids that appear sometimes in the hallway or maybe even across the lunch table from you.
  9. Like he's supposed to be there, a prop in your life, never really taking part of your life though. He was just, there. So you don't really bother to say anything when Mrs. Pearson asks if anyone knows him. And then Ryan Brunner comes running in right at the moment. His flippy brown hair is flying like dozens of sea gull wings. Hair that has never seen a comb. You had to smile to yourself when he plops down into his chair. "Well, hello there. You Mr. Brunner?" Mrs. Pearson asks. He nods quick.
  10. During the whole time in class you search for a clock. There was always one. In a classroom anyway. There should be. What kind of classroom was this anyway? Down a hidden dark corner, a lone door and not even a clock. For the whole while, you roll Mandy's note between your fingers until the bell rings and you pack up to head to your next class.
  11. Everyone rushes past you but then you drop your pencil pouch which had the zipper open and spill out about fifty pencils that your mom labeled "˜Erin' last night. Mandy bends down next to you and quickly sweeps them all towards you, dropping a few in your lap and into the pouch.

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