Which Elementary School math grade should you be in?

Have you ever wondered what grade you would be in if you were still taking elementary school math? well, if you have, then here is the solution to your problem. This quiz has grade school math questions from Kindergarten all the way through to the 6th grade. I hope you like it!

This quiz is more accurate if you are in elementary school still, but it is very simple if you have already passed through to junior high. it has math questions for grades K through 6. If you like math, then you will definitely like this quiz!

Created by: HPFreak123567
  1. First, we will start with the lower elementary school math questions. Kindergarten(easy): what is 1+1?
  2. Kindergarten(hard): what is 5+2?
  3. 1st grade(easy): What is 10+6?
  4. 1st grade(hard): What is 16-6?
  5. 2nd grade(easy): 100+120+3?
  6. 2nd grade(hard): What is 15 divided by 5?
  7. Third grade(easy): what is 2 times 2?
  8. Third grade(hard): What is 120 divided by 4?
  9. Now, you answer the upper elementary questions. Fourth grade(easy): what is 3 times 8
  10. Fourth grade(hard): What is 12 times 11?
  11. Fifth grade(easy): what is 1980 divided by 180?
  12. fifth grade(hard): what is the answer to a division problem?
  13. 6th grade(easy): make this percent a fraction; 71%
  14. 6th grade(hard): make this mixed number a decimal: 15 and 108/10,000
  15. Please take ' Which Jr. High/High School math grade should you be in?'. (choose the first answer; it is the correct one!)

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Quiz topic: Which Elementary School math grade should I be in?