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This is an opening paragraph! The message you read befour you start the quiz! It won't tell you much of anything that the name of the quiz hasn't told you already, though!

Unless you understand the pun I just made, but let's be honest! Most of you will just skip over this. I'm not judging! I guarantee I enjoyed writing it a lot less than you'll enjoy reading it!

Created by: Assist
  1. 1+3=
  2. 6-2=
  3. 11-7=
  4. 2+2=
  5. 16/4=
  6. 8/2=
  7. 4+0=
  8. 2x2=
  9. Johnny has two apples. His mother gives him three more. His brother steals one. How many does he have left?
  10. Christa bought three boxes of cookies from the Girl Scouts. One contained a human finger and had to be shipped back to the customer service center in Michigan. In compensation, she was given two boxes on the house. How many boxes of cookies does Christa have now?
  11. Petra has twenty-five tree saplings in his nursery. Five die of frostbite over the winter. Half of the remaining saplings are planted in memory of students killed in school shootings. Half of the remaining saplings are then donated to a local park. One of the remaining saplings disappears overnight with no explanation. The following night, all the rest of the saplings also disappear without a trace. What do you think the answer to this question is going to be, regardless of the saplings?
  12. 4?

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