Are You Math Smart?

There are a great deal of peple who say they like math and are good at it but never prove that. Well here's your chance. Take my quiz and learn if you are truly mathamatically inclined and if so by how much. GOOD LUCK!

Are you a super math person? Do you constantly ace your math papers and tests? Are you ever at home wanting to do math but can't figure out what you can use to test you? Try this quiz and I can assure you it will clear up any questions about if you like and are good in math or not.

Created by: jonathan marvins
  1. What is 8 squared?
  2. What is 810 divided by 30?
  3. What is 16 to the fourth power?
  4. What is 3/8 times 4/7
  5. What is 3/4 times 9/8?
  6. What is x/2 times 3? x equals 7
  7. what 9.18 times 6?
  8. What is x/19 divided by 8? x equals 17
  9. What is 45.4 times 9?
  10. What is 23 squared?
  11. What is 49.8 times 7?
  12. What is s/8 times 2? s equals 14
  13. What is 75 times 25?
  14. Is 23 prime?
  15. What is 2.75 times 9?
  16. What it 2 plus x minus 7? x equals 12

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Quiz topic: Am I Math Smart?