Do you know DM?

There are many who claims to know everything, but very few are willing to prove it. Well here's your chance of showing just how much of a fan you really are!

Are you up for it? Do you have the guts to see just how much you know about miss Dannii Minogue,the multitalented entertainer? This is your ultimate chance to prove just what you know. Well hop to it then!

Created by: Juicy
  1. Dannii served as a team member on YTT for 6 years. But which year did she first appear on the show?
  2. Love & kisses was the U.K title of Dannii's debut album. It was released also in Japan, under which title?
  3. Gay Icon Dannii has appeared on Aussie Mardi Gras twice and she headlined 1999. But what was the name of the song which was also the official anthem?
  4. Home&Away, Australias biggest soap, launched Dannii to the U.K. But what was the name of the character especially written for her?
  5. In 1998 Dannii played Rizzo in The Arena Spectacular. She was offered the leading role but turned it down. Why?
  6. Tv has always been a passion for DM. She has done it all & now she's a professional judge. But on which show did she first judge on?
  7. Neon Nights was the title of Dannii's 4th album. It was also the name of her own radio show in 2003. On which radio station?
  8. Charity worker Dannii supports many causes. One in particular is THT. What does it stand for?
  9. Dannii is also an occasional model. In the 90's she modelled her own sold out designs in which catalogue?
  10. Dannii announced she's returning to her acting roots. She made a movie in the 90's about fans of one of the worlds biggest group. Which was?

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