Announcement for my Marauder's Era wwyff!

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This quiz is only full of what celebrity I think fits best with the characters. Even though they have face-claims now, you are free to picture them however you did before.

I guess this is just how I personally thought they would look, and it doesn't really even matter. I don't even need face-claims for them, but I just wanted you all to see how I pictured them I suppose.

Created by: Michelle
  2. So, I think you're wondering where I've been. The answer is: nowhere! I've been at home, being a lazy bum, and I just didn't want to update. Sorrynotsorry.
  3. Okay, so I'm just gonna tell you the face-claims of the characters. That's basically all of this quiz. I might be having a character contest after a few more editions come out, but it might just be later this month instead, since I'm horrible at updating.
  4. So, the face claim to your beloved friend Lily Evans is.. DRUM ROLL, PLEASE! *drum roll* Karen Gillan!
  5. The face-claim for Marlene McKinnon is Ashley Benson.
  6. The face-claim to Mary McDonald is Lucy Hale.
  7. NOW ON TO THE LOVE INTERESTS. The face-claim for Remus Lupin is Andrew Garfield!
  8. The face-claim for Peter Pettigrew is Jamie Bell.
  9. The face-claim for Sirius Black is Ben Barnes.
  10. The face-claim for James Potter is Aaron Johnson.
  11. AND LAST BUT MOST CERTAINLY NOT LEAST... Severus Snape's face-claim is Louis Garrel.
  12. aaaaaaaaaaaand that's all, folks. I think I should get started on part 3 to this quiz because I haven't yet. Aha... yeah.

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