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Space filler: A B C D E F D H G K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z (I forgot the 'I' because I gotta keep an eye out for Selener.) Um, does anyone even read these?

If you do read these, does the girl from The Grudge have a name? Because I don't know it. If you know, leave a comment or something I don't know. But yeah. Recap is in the quiz. To be honest, this one really sucked and was really rushed. I wrote it at one o'clock in the morning, so that explains it.

Created by: Michelle
  2. RECAP: You stood up not five minutes later. "I'm pretty tired, Mary, and I'm sure you are, too. Let's go upstairs." You held your hand out for her and she grabbed it, standing up. You two walked up to the girl's dormitories and changed into your nightclothes. Then, you climbed into your bed and she did the same. "G'night, Mary. It was nice meeting you today." You said. "You too, _____. Goodnight." You pulled the blankets up to your chin and turned onto your side and closed your eyes, falling asleep quicker than you and all summer. Must be these damn pillows, you thought. They're soft as hell.
  3. You woke up the next morning by rolling over and falling out of your bed with a loud thump. Groaning, you stood up and rubbed your head, then yawned and stretched slightly. You thought you would have woken Lily up because of how loud the thump was, but you didn't (much to your disappointment). So, you hopped onto her bed (and landed on her legs; unintentionally, of course, though you weren't sorry and enjoyed the grunt she made, which made you grin) and shook her awake gently. She groaned and turned onto her side, but dust wake up. You shook her more violently, and she woke up.
  4. Let's just say that Lily Evans is a grumpy riser. Not only did she throw a pillow at your face and grumble obscenities, but she also slapped you. Not hard, but hard enough for you to get a red mark on your left cheek. You pouted. "Lillian Marie Evans!" You said, placing your hands on your hips and crawled off of her. "How dare you?" "First of all," Lily started, "my middle name isn't Marie. Second of all, you woke me up earlier than you should have." You didn't reply and just shrugged, then walked over to the dresser and started to get dressed.
  5. Not before long, you and Lily were both dressed, and you two went downstairs to the common room met up with Mary and Marlene. You all went to breakfast together and sat by each other. You sat by Marlene while Lily and Mary sat across from you. You all started talking about which classes you were excited to take this year upon other things while you ate bacon and waffles. After the conversation ended, you decided to tell a story.
  6. "So," you began, "one day, my Muggle friend's dog died, so she stuffed it in a suitcase and decided to take it somewhere"”where exactly, I don't remember. So, she was struggling to get the suitcase onto the place where you put your luggage, so this man helped her. Once they got it up there, the guy asked, 'What is in that suitcase, anyway?' And my friend looked at him and lied and said, 'A bunch of signed Beatles and Elvis records. Why?' And so then the guy took the suit case and he ran out of the train and she didn't know his to respond." You finished, laughing and wiping away tears of laughter from your face. Your three friends started laughing, too, and Mary's face was even red.
  7. After breakfast, you all got your timetables. You looked over them with each other and were happy that you all had some of the same classes together. The first class was Transfiguration, so you all headed there. Since it was the first day, classes were just going over the rules that they hadn't changed at all, but were required to do every year. That whole day was quite uneventful, as was the whole first couple of weeks.
  8. It wasn't until late November did things start to get more interesting. During History of Magic, Professor Binns asked, "And so, the Northern rolls mated with the Goblins in the late 1600's resulting in...?" James raised his hand, much to your surprise. You weren't the only one, either. Sirius was raising a questioning eyebrow at his best friend, while Remus just looked unimpressed. "Yes, Mr. Potter?" Professor Binns called on him. James smirked. "Severus Snape, sir," he answered, causing Sirius to laugh and high five him, and"”much to your surprise (again)"”Remus snickered along. "Ah, no," Binns replied. He continued to drone on and on about the lesson when the bell rang, signalling for class to be dismissed. You stood up and grabbed your books, then angrily stuffed them into your bag.
  9. You and Lily both decided to go back to the common room since you had a free-period after this; so, after you both made sure that Sev wasn't being taunted by James and his gang and that he also wasn't deeply affected by James' "joke", you both headed to Gryffindor Tower. Unfortunately for you both, the group of boys you so desperately wanted to avoid were there, too: sitting on the couch, in a chair, or on the floor. Lily noticeably changed in attitude, and she scowled at the four, but didn't say anything to them. Until their leader said something to her, of course.
  10. "Oi, Evans!" James said quite loudly, even though you all were the only people in the room and you were in near talking (not yelling) vicinity. Lily rolled her eyes, but she didn't say anything to James. Instead, she visibly turned her back to him and started a conversation with you. This didn't faze James at all; in fact, this only encouraged him. He got up and jogged over to you both, a stupid grin slapped onto his face. "Evans," he said once he got over to where you two were. "Why don't you sit over here with us?" "No," she deadpanned. "Why no"”" "I bet you can't leave Sev alone for a whole week! It's annoying, Potter! And what's worse is the fact that you bully him and ask me out right after!" Lily yelled.
  11. "What?" James asked. "What?" "You bet what? What do you bet?" "Twenty galleons." "Ah... No can do, Evans. I have twenty galleons already. Why don't we make the bet a bit more... interesting?~" James had a mischievous glint in his eyes as he said this, and his previous grin had been replaced with a smirk. "How?" This time, you butted into the conversation. James glanced at you, and his smirk widened. "Well, how about we include everyone in this bet?" "Okay, so we all have to stay away from Lily?" You asked. "No, _____, the bet is different for each of us. Mine will be to stay away from Evans, yours will be... Hmm..." James started to think. "What about betting that she can't say anything rude to me for week." You turned to see Sirius smirking at you. Of course he said that. You rolled your eyes.
  12. "Alright then, Black," you said. "You're on. Lily's is to..." You thought for a moment. It couldn't be the same as you and Sirius' was, since James had to leave her alone and wouldn't be around for her to be rude to. "How about you act disrespectful during classes? For a week." Lily elbowed you in the ribs. Hard. "What the bloody hell, Lily?" You whined, rubbing your side. "I am definitely NOT going to do that!" Lily said. "If you don't, I won't leave you alone for a week~" James cooed. Lily perked up immediately. "I'll do it, but I won't go overboard. I'll just... talk during class..." "No, no, no, Evans. You'll be rude. You know what I'm talking about, don't you?" James smirked. Lily glared at him, but nodded slightly. "And what about Remus and Peter?" You asked. "Peter, your part of the bet is to not follow James around or anything like that all week. And Remus... yours is to..." "No, I'm not going to be a part of this," Remus said, standing up. "Besides"”" "No, Lupin," you said. "I thought you were different from them, but you aren't. You laughed at James' jeers at Severus, so you're going to be in this bet, too." Remus sighed. "Fine, I'll do it. But I don't see the point in it."
  13. "Alright, everyone's in it," Sirius said. "So, what should the consequences be?"
  14. AND THAT'S A WRAP, EVERYONE! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH WOW. This idea came out of flipping NOWHERE! Idk man I think this one kind of sucked and I think it was a bit too rushed. I was originally going to go into more detail about your classes and make a separate installation for the bet, but then I was like, "nOPE," so then I smushed them together and got this crap. Ah well. SHOUT OUT TO @Aria because she is a sweetheart and is so kind and wonderful and just I don't even know guys. She is AMAZING. And thanks @ambrosia for commenting my quiz last time! I LOVE YOU ALL OKAY BYE BYE ^^ x'
  15. AND A SONG NOT WRITTEN BY ME FOR UNNAMED PEOPLE ON GOTOQUIZ WHO MAKE THE BEST HP (AND PERCY JACKSON SHHH) LOVE STORY QUIZZES THINGS THAT DON'T KNOW I EXIST THIS IS FOR YOU OK HERE GOES: You are my Senpai My only senpai You give me dokis And shades of grey You'll never notice me But I still love you You're sugoi, kawaii desu ne

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