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Well, um, this is a Marauder's Era love story of the sort! I haven't seen many of these, so I wanted to make one! Because, let's face it... the adults were cooler.

It starts off in your fourth year, so no Lucius Malfoy. I'm really sorry, but I didn't know where to fit him in. If you'd like, I could make it in the third year instead, since we haven't gotten to Hogwarts yet, but I would need a majority vote.

Created by: Michelle
  1. You are in your fourth year at Hogwarts (I know, I know, no Lucius. Sorry.) and your name will be represented as _____. You are in Gryffindor house and you are a pureblood witch. Got it? Wonderful.
  2. "Come on, mum, the train leaves in five minutes!" You called to her as you raced ahead to the barrier between Platforms 9 and 10, dragging your things behind you. Your mother finally caught up with you and she smiled softly at you. You smiled back before running between the boundary. You only had to wait a second before your mother was right beside you. After saying your goodbyes and a quick hug and kiss on the cheek (to which you shrieked, "Mum! I'm almost fifteen years old! I'm not a little kid anymore!" [which is a very childish thing to do, may I add]) you boarded the train.
  3. Once on the train, you started looking around for people you knew. You had no such luck, and sighed in exasperation. You eventually found an empty compartment though, and stepped inside. You peered your head out so you could still check for friends. Then, you noticed a certain redhead girl and a black haired boy heading your way. You recognised them immediately as your two best friends: Lily Evans and Severus Snape. You grinned and madly flailed your arms about, signalling them into your compartment.
  4. Quite frankly, no one knew how Lily and Severus became friends with you, since you were loud, outgoing, dramatic, and vivacious opposed to quiet, kind, yet headstrong Lily and the bullied, insecure, and vulnerable Severus. Your friendship just... happened. You instantly clicked with Lily, and since Lily liked you, Severus liked you.
  5. Anyways, Lily grinned back when she noticed you"”how could she not?"”waving your arms about like a madman. Then, she and Severus made their way to your compartment. Lily sat by you and Severus across from you. After a while of small talk about classes and the like with Lily, while Severus occasionally piped in, you three decided to get some candy from the trolley. You all stood up and walked out of the compartment, careful to leave your bags and such there (but not your wand!), you went out to find the trolley lady (I don't know what she's called. Is she called that?). Then, when you passed a compartment, which was full of about four boys. One of the boys in the compartment stuck his foot out in attempt to trip Severus, but he accidentally tripped you instead.
  6. "Oops! Sorry. I didn't mean to trip you, just old Snivellus over there." One of them (the one who tripped you) said. He had come out of the compartment to see if you were fine. You looked at him with narrowed eyes, quickly noting how he looked: messy black hair, hazel eyes, medium-tall height. You also noted that this was no other than James Potter: chaser on the Gryffindor Quidditch team and"”according to Lily"”and arrogant toerag who never left her alone. If it wasn't for this encounter, you wouldn't have minded not being left alone by him. But, your anger got the best of you and you readied your hand to slap him, but he ducked. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! No need to get violent!" He said chuckling.
  7. Meanwhile, Lily was glaring daggers at him. "Go away, Potter." She spat, causing him to chuckle once again. "No can do, Evans." He gestured to the compartment he came out of. "As you can see, this is my compartment. I can't leave only to come back." This caused Lily to get even more angry, and her face flushed slightly. "Well then go back into your compartment, genius," she snapped. A smirk spread across his face. "Ah, no," he said. "You see, me and my friends want candy, too." "Then get some candy and shove it up your"”" "Down, girl!" You decided to intervene. Lily's face was flushed with anger, whereas James just looked calm. "There's no need to interrupt, miss... What did you say your name was again?" James asked, turning to you.
  8. "I didn't," you snapped. He raised his eyebrows a bit, momentarily surprised by your retort. Then, he looked even calmer than before. "Feisty," he said. "Evans, who is your friend?" Lily, who was still angry, and Severus, who was trying to calm her down with no avail, didn't even pay attention to James. Instead, you had to tell him. "_____," you replied. "_____," James repeated. "I'm Ja"”" "James Potter," you interrupted. "I know." "Oh, so Evans talks about me?" He asked sarcastically, yet hopefully. You rolled your eyes and shook your head. "Unless it's ways she is going to kill you, nothing of the sort. I just watch Quidditch." He grinned. You knew who he was. That was definitely an ego-boost. Ah, but he spoke (thought?) too soon. All of a sudden, Severus was calling him a few unpleasant names for ticking Lily off"”who had stormed off to your compartment, completely forgetting about the candy. Next thing you knew, they were at each others throats.
  9. Then, someone else peeped out of the compartment. This time, it was another boy around your age. He, too, had black hair, but it was longer and less messy. He had grey eyes and was taller than James, and was devilishly handsome, especially with the grin he was wearing on his face now. "Oi, James! You go to get us some chocolate frogs and I catch you flirting with Snivellus!" He said, placing special emphasis on the words 'flirting with Snivellus' and eyeing Severus as he said it. While James and Severus started stuttering in attempt to explain what had all gone on, then yelling at each other again because one of them had gotten details wrong, the boy took this chance to introduce himself.
  10. "Sirius Black," he said. "And you are...?" "_____," you said. "Nice to meet you, _____," he replied, the grin still on his face, practically making you swoon. "And you too, Sirius. I hope I'll see you again." "Oh, you will, _____. No doubt about that." He winked, making you blush. He noticed and chuckled, then he went back inside his compartment. You grabbed Severus' arm (who you momentarily forgot was there, along with James, during your conversation with Sirius) and dragged him back down to your compartment. "But, the candy!" He said, his eyes widening. "Never mind the candy, Sev." You sighed, sliding the compartment door shut behind you both.
  11. And that's the end of the first part! I know it wasn't necessarily good, but I've never made a wwyff/wwffy before, so yeah. And it'll get better as the story progresses, I (hope) promise!

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