Hogwarts Marauder era Love

Ok,so this is part 1 of my new HP series. I'm am still doing the other one,but this is just a new one for you all!! Hope you enjoy and dont forget to comment and rate!

I've tried playin' it cool.But when I'm lookin' at you,I can ever be brave.Cos you make my heart race.Shot me out the sky.You're my kryptonite.You keep makin me weak.Yeah frozen and can't breath.*continues singing*

Created by: 5thMarauder
  1. You stepped onto the Hogwarts Express,lifting your owl,Hades's cage up.You waved goodbye to your parents,as the train began to move forward.You walked down the train looking for an empty place to sit.Seeing one with four boys in it,you opened the door.The first boy had light sandy coloured hair and blue eyes.The second had watery blue eyes and light hair too.The third had jet black hair and blue eyes. The fourth had black hair and brownish eyes.
  2. "Do you guys mind ifI sit here? Everywhere else is full." you said."Sure" said the third boy,who seemed to be the 'leader'. You sat next to the fourth boy and said "I'm _____ Lopez". The first boy smiled and said "Remus".The second said "I-I'm Peter!".The third boy said "James" and winked at you.The fourth boy said "I'm Sirius".Before you knew it,you were at Hogwarts.As you got up to go,Remus said "Wait,______ are you a transfer student?"."Yeah,I'm being sorted tonight" you replied.
  3. When you got to the Entrance Hall,a middle aged woman greeted you and the first years.She explained about the sorting and the Houses. When the first years were sorted,the Headmaster,Prof.Dumbledore began speaking."This year we have a transfer student and she will be sorted now.". He beckoned to you,so you walked up to a stool and sat down.
  4. A hat was placed upon your head,and you heard a voice that seemed to be in your head,like an iPod."You are brave,sly,cunning and ambitious.You better be in...SLYTHERIN!!" The Hall erupted into clapping and cheers. You removed the hat and walked down to the Slytherin table. You sat next to a boy with black eyes and hair. "Well done" he said quietly."I'm Severus"."I'm _____" you replied.
  5. The meal ended,and you went to your common room with the other Slytherins. A shortish girl with brown hair and blue eyes came up to you."Hi!" she said. "I'm Meabh,well done on becoming a Slytherin!" "Thanks,I'm _____" you replied."I can tell that we are going to be best friends!" she exclaimed. "Yeah!" you replied.
  6. The two of you went to bed shortly,falling asleep quickly. The next morning,you got up and went down to breakfast with Meabh. On the way down you met the four boys."Hi" you said smiling at them."Hey" said James."Pity your in Slytherin." he said."Yeah"added Sirius."Gryffindors are cooler" he laughed. As the four boys continued,Remus rolled his eyes and said "Ignore them.They're idiots".
  7. You headed to the first class,and it was potions,your best subject.Prof.Slughorn kept on exclaiming how good you were and he started annoying you. As you left the classroom,James and Sirius popped up out of nowhere."Oh well done,______!" teased Sirius, imitating Slughorn."Simply magnificent!!" exclaimed James. You laughed and pretended to push them.
  8. You headed to Transfiguration next,and sat beside Remus.You smiled and said hi,and he did the same. The class dragged on and on,almost boring you to death. When you were walking through the grounds on you own, you suddenly blacked out. When you woke up,you were in the hospital wing. Sitting next to you was a boy about 2 years older than you.
  9. He had honey coloured hair and chocolate coloured eyes."What happened?" you asked."Some guys thought it would be nice to stupify you" he said."I was there so I carried you here"."Thanks" you replied."Who are you?" you asked.
  10. *Hi peoples!! I hope you all like this one, and don't forget to comment and rate! If you want you can take my other HP series...;D

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