Naruto Love quiz 2

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for reading the from Love at Miss Peregrines to Love at hogwarts, from Creepy pasta to marauder to now! Bookworms been egging me on to finish the current quizzes to redo love at hogwarts?

Created by: PeculiarGirl1
  1. "You have betrayed the village of mist! To think that I was partners with you! No-wonder your parents drove you to insanity! I will kill everyone you love Asuka!" "NOO!" the scene changed to blackness. A boy with yellow spikey hair with the biggest blue eyes was smiling at you. It was...comforting. Then he changed to the 9 tailed fox. Someone screamed. You sat up shaking. You were the one screaming. "Asuka!" Kiba was by your side. You started to cry. You told Kiba the real reson why you left. "That's deep. I promise I won't let them take you."
  2. "Ok. She'll be here to pick you up in thirty minutes" you nodded and kiba left. You slowly got changed. You werent tired. Not after that experience. "I'll watch my back from now on" you muttered. "Asuka! she's here" You went downstairs. It was the girl from yesterday. "Wow! yout really pretty!" you said. She smiled. "I'm Sakura" "she must not think I was with sasuke yesterday" you wondered. "Asuka Korokuwa" And with that you were off.
  3. "Sensei Kakashi said we are going to learn genjutsu today!" "Uh....they've already taught us that at..." you stopped. You werent going to say mist village. "at?" "my village" you smiled.
  4. You were soon at the meeting point. Kakashi had grey hair but he wasnt old. He had a navy cloth covering half his face. "You must be Asuka?" you nodded. "Well as a started off with the others. Name. likes. hates. dreams" "Asuka. They've trained me to not like anything and to hate enemies. Future dreams. Keeping the past behind me." He nodded. "We will try genjutsu" "Sensei I've already learnt it. when I was three" He looked suprise. "You can help Sakura"
  5. 3hrs in the lesson: "I cant do it" "Sakura dont give up" "If we finish quickly we might be able to see naruto arrive and see if Sasuke's back from his thing" Sakura smiled at Saukes name. Sakura tried and finally got it she was able to hypnotise you. "My go!" you said. You already had enough information on Sakura to make sure the image was of Sasuke. Sje was crying when it was over. "DONT. YOU. EVER. DO. THAT. TO. ME.AGAIN.ASUKA!" You laughed. "You are dismissed." sensei said and you walked out.
  6. "Its lunch time. I know where you can meet Naruto! Probably sasuke will be there too" "maybe" you said. Sakura led the way. Sure enough Sasuke and another boy was there. You froze. It was the nine tail fox" sukura coughed and they both turned around. "Hi sasuke!" you said waving. He smiled. The blonde boy was looking at you. "Naruto this is Asuka. Asuka, Naruto" "Hi!" you said waving. He beamed. "mind if we eat with you guys?" Sakura asked. They nodded. You sat next to....
  7. Sakura was fussing over Sasuke. "I was thinking we all have a sleepover at my house. get to know eachother." "You guys are well aquainted its just me. But sure, I need a little fun. I'll just need to tell Kiba." "wait you live with Kiba?" "Yeah he's my second cousin but I act like he's my first. I'm just thankful I dont have to share a bathroom with Akamaru." Naruto laughed.
  8. "Woah, your eating faster than me!" Naruto said. "How is that even possible?" Sakura said. Nruto has eaten 12 bowls but you have eaten 24. "How are you not bloated I have to stick to a diet!" groaned Sakura. "I best tell Kiba." "I'll come get you when its time to go" Sasuke said. "Thankyou" You said getting up. You were walking when you felt someone following you. You turned around. You could see spikey hair behind a fence. "Time for a prank" you thought
  9. "Oh no! Only strong and handsome Naruto can save me now!" He moved. You saw his shadow. You used the shadow binding technique. He scremed as a shadow dragged him out. "let me go" He landed with a thud. You laughed. "If you wanted to walk with me just ask" you said taking you hair out. He sm,iled and you both walked to Kibas house. "Thanks Naruto."
  10. "Hey kiba. Can I go to Sakura's house tonight?" "Im not sure especially after last night" You puppy pouted. "Dont do that!" you grabbed akamaru. "Oh god help me! Fine.!" "Thank you! " you squealed hugging him. He laughed.
  11. Time came round and you were waiting for Sasuke. He came quickly. "Bye Kiba!" You said over your shoulder as you ran to Sasuke. You both slowly waled to Sakura's house. Naruto was already there, "Hi!"
  12. The party was going great until Sakura pulled out a bottle. "I'll go first." She was whispering plase Sasuke please!" nope it landed on Naruto. she groaned. She went over and gave him a peck. you laughed,
  13. Naruto spinned and it landed on yoy. You blushed. He went over. You'd never kissed anyone. You werent ready when his warm lips were against yours. It was pleasant. You pulled away. And smiled
  14. Sasuke spinned it landed on Naruto. You collpsed with laughter. It was your turn. It landed on Sasuke. You were about to go over but he beat you too it. His breath smelt like peppermint. You soon went to bed
  15. The dreams filled your head. It took every ounce of energy to wake up. You ran outside and started to cry. "Asuka?" you turned around it was Naruto. You cried into his soldier. "Are you ok?" "No...I have to tell you something.....You cant tell anyone." You told him everything. "Its not that bad. I need to tell you something. I'm the nine tailed fox that destroyed this village. Tears were n his eyes. You hugged him. He lifted your chin. His eyes were huge and hopeful. Your not sure what cam eover you. You kissed him. He kissed back. "I need to go. I'll be back" he nodded you sprinted to the woods. Gaara was there

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