the real third one! maurauder love story

hi guys I'm bookworm peculiargirl1's friend and ill be taking over the marauder era love quizzes from now on. don't mind me, but I will occasionally use song references.

I hope that this quiz will be good. if it isn't then I'm happy to accept constructive feedback that will help meh. peculiargirl1 is also gonna start Hogwarts love story all over again and I'm gonna help her. it will be a team effort. :)

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

  1. Quizzesmusthavebetween10and60questions.Gotit!hi guys if you don't know already, I'm bookworm and ill be taking over the maurauder love story for peculiargirl1. (mentioned in the last kill creepypasta love story; its really good, you guys need to take it even if you don't understand it)
  2. so we left off were your james's girlfriend for a bet
  3. its Monday morning and you got up bright and early to send a letter to you parents. what do you write?
  4. you go dressed in your uniform and headed down to the owlery to post your letter. you didn't meet anyone on the way so you went to the great hall. there were only a few people there and the profesers were chatting amongst themselves. severus walked in. he started towards you and said hi. you have a quick conversation about school and then he proceeded towards slytherins table. then the other 4 marauders came in.
  5. they sat next to you around the table. you helped yourself to...
  6. you headed off to herbology with Sirius and remus. you learnt about mandrakes and their qualities. you and remus kept going into your own little conversations with remus talking about mandrakes and you kept saying stuff like "did you know..." and "well actually..." until you had to star repotting the mandrakes.
  7. you proceeded to DADA and met james on the way
  8. you went into the classroom and learnt about grindelows. Sirius whispered in your ear "instead of informing remus obout all of this why not tell me?!" "why?" you asked "1, he already knows and 2, I don't know!" you giggled. "well listen to the professer!" "i'd rather talk to you"
  9. "well if you really want to know, how bout' we go to the library and do some research" you said teasingly " I just wanted to talk to you"
  10. you went to transfiguration and finally you proceeded to your last lesson; potions. you sat down next to snape. "hi" you said. "hi" he replied
  11. "hey snevillous!" james shouted. "wash your hair lately?"
  12. the class ended and you headed up to you common room to find marie
  13. you chatted for a bit then you headed down to the great hall for dinner. you ate...
  14. stuffed you face and then proceeded to bed. you said goodnight to everyone and then started to drift off into a deep sleep, totally oblivious and unknowing of what was going to happen tomorrow...............

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