An Awesome Hogwarts Love Story! Part 3

Okay so This quiz is an awesome Hogwarts Love story FOR GIRLS ONLY. it's just one of those regular love stories, but this one is based on Harry Potter and his awesome friends(and enemies) he made at Hogwarts. I'm really new at making love story quizzes so, ya know, dont judge me please, i'm only human!... well i hope you like it! (: and by the way im sorry for taking so long for this onne, i been busy..

Are you gonna end up gettin the guy you want in this quiz? You'll never know unless you try it! okay the quizzes are going to skip their first year at hogwarts(mainly because i'd just waiste my time on tht quiz cuz they dont date yet,anyway)so itll be from 2nd until the 6th year, because harry didnt go to school in his seventh year. so take my quiz (:

Created by: HPFreak123567
  1. You have had an awesome three years at Hogwarts, so now, if you are good at math, you see that you are now in your 4th year at Hogwarts. It has been pretty emotional, but very dangerous, and, not to mention, fun.
  2. Harry has had quite an interesting Summer, far better than usual, because the Dursleys' were forced to give Harry what he wants, or Harry will tell his mass-murderer Godfather what they did and he will hurt them(or so they think).
  3. When the weasleys came to get harry to go to the quidditch cup and to hogwarts, Fred and George played a joke on Dudley; they gave him one of those Ton-Tongue Toffees, and his tongue swelled 10 x's its size!
  4. You guys go to the quidditch cup, but later, the death eaters come, and you guys go in the woods and see Draco. He is calling hermione names. what do you do?
  5. When you get to Hogwarts, you find out about the triwizard tournament.
  6. At one of your defense against the dark arts lesson, you learn about the unforgivable curses. After class, you find Neville on the staircase, obviously disturbed from what he just saw..
  7. when time comes for the people to be chosen for the triwizard tournament, Harry is chosen as a fourth!
  8. Now ron is mad at harry!
  9. the slytherins, outside the dungeon, were wearing badges.. At first harry thought they were S.P.E.W. Badges.. but they said 'Support Cedric Diggory- The REAL Hogwarts Champion!' and Draco told them that they change to say 'POTTER STINKS' when you press them.. you think..?
  10. at the hogsmeade weekend, hagrid asks harry to meet him at midnite that night, but he is supposed to meet sirius at one. he decides to go anyway. He is led-under the invisibility cloak, of course- to the animals that would be used for the first task- DRAGONS!
  11. On the morning of the first task, Harry had all his stuff planned out, but wasn't so confident. The first person got the golden egg.... now the second.... now the third...... now it is Harry's turn! He's got the Hungarian Horntail, meanest of all four dragons!
  12. Ok i gonna stop this quiz here and continue it in a couple days in another quiz! keep an eye out for it! :)

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