Harry Potter love Story Pt 5

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Girls only. Take parts 1-4 first! Here's a tip: if you don't really want the person in the story to be you, call her Vivian. (When ever you read the dialogue use a high squeaky voice for her!) but most people would rather be themselves.

The results are still Harry, Ron, Draco, Cedric, Oliver, Fred/George, Neville, and Snape. I hope you get who you wanna get and all that, and I hope you enjoy the story.

Created by: Jtsquared4
  1. Jane stared at you like dog. "Look, I know you might be a little surprised that I'm spying on you, but you need to hear me out!" She sounded like she was pleading. You didn't care. You took out your wand and pointed it at her. "Jane, I don't know who you think you are reading my private thoughts, but you will forget what you read. Are we clear?" Jane didn't respond. Instead se got up and left the room without another word to you. You needed to get your diary a new lock, or hide the key somewhere else. You'd worry bout that later. Draco Malfoy was using your own cousin against you! He must have seen you cry when her name was called. God, Draco really must have something on you. Whatever it is, you're determined to find out.
  2. You left your dorm and found Ron sitting alone in a lounge chair. "Hey," you say to him. "Oh, hi ____. I didn't know you were there." "I wasn't really. I just got here." "Where're you headed, ____?" "Detention with Snape." "I'm so sorry." "Don't be. It wasn't your fault." "What'd Malfoy do?" You look at you watch. You're gonna be late! "Can we finish this conversation later, I've gotta go," you say. Ron nods and you take off into the dark corridors of Hogwarts.
  3. You were turning a corner and you hit into someone. "We've got to stop meeting like this," it was Cedric. You smiled. "That should be you catch phrase," you say. "It wouldn't be if you didn't always fall on top of me." He said. "Sorry," you say and you get up. You stand next to him. "I've gotta go. Detention with Snape." You say. Cedric smiled,"that's where I'm going too! I blew my potion up." You laugh. Then you two walk down to the dungeon. Snape is waiting for you at the bottom of the spiral stairs. Before descending, Cedric took your hand and gave it a squeeze. You felt a little bit better, but that all disappeared when you reached the bottom of the stairs, and entered Snape's dentition.
  4. Snape handed you a long sheet of parchment and a quill. Be just didn't give you any ink. "How am I supposed to write lines without and ink?" You asked him. He didn't respond. You sat down next to Cedric and began writing "I will not blame others for my wrongdoings." After you put the period on the sentence, your Han started to burn. Then sting. Then feel like there were a billion needles going into it. When you looked at it, the sentence was caring its self into your skin. Snape was looking at you, "is there a problem _____?" You looked at your hand. "Nope. No problem." Snape went into his office. You looked at Cedric's hand. It said, "I shall not enter places I'm not supposed to enter." Draco's hand didn't say anything. He had a regular quill. You looked at Cedric. "I'm so sorry" you whisper. He only manages a mere smile. "His is my fault. We shouldn't have been in there." He whispers. Then Draco calls "hey _____! How's your love triangle going?"
  5. You glare at him. Draco smirks. You say that coming. You look at Cedric. "We should report this," you say gesturing to your hand. He frowns " we can't" he says. "This is Snape we're dealing with. We can't just burst into Dumbledore's office and report Snape." "And why not?" "Dumbledore trusts Snape. He trusts Snape with his life. He'd never believe us." You decide to stop arguing with him. You go back to writing your lines, the pain getting worse every time. When you leave the dungeon with Cedric, he takes your hand in his and you walk down the hall. You stop in front of the Griffendoor portrait hole. "Cedric?" "Yes." "Are you going to Hogsmede this weekend?" "Yeah." "Meet me at the three broomsticks." "_____?" Cedric asks you. "Yes?" You say. "I like you." "As a friend?" "You can call it that. I'd like you to know that you're lucky to be with Oliver. He's a good guy." Then Cedric bade you farewell and you went into Griffendoor.
  6. Ron was still sitting in the common room when you got back. The first thing he notices is your hand. "Bloody ****! What happened to your hand, ____?" "Oh, that? It's nothing..." You attempt go cover up your hand but Ron pushes it back. "You need to report this." He says. You frown,"I told Cedric I wouldn't." "Did this happen to him too?" "Yes." "You've gotta report this." "I'd rather let him have the satisfaction." "This is abuse!" Ron screams. Then, Harry, Ginny, Oliver, the twins, Neville, and Hermione run into the common room.
  7. "What happened?" Harry asked you. He sounded concerned. "_____, are you okay?" Neville asked. "Where does it hurt?" Oliver asked. "Look, I'm fine! Really, I am! Please just go back to bed!" You scream. You're just so frustrated right now. "Where does it hurt?" Oliver asked again. You looked into your boyfriend's eyes. He wasn't gonna give up. "It's my hand." You say. Fred and George snicker. "Oh Oliver, my poor little hand got a tiny little scratch! Please kiss it and make it better!" They imitated your voice when they spoke. "This isn't funny!" Hermione says. "Yeah, this is serious." Added Harry. "You've got to report this." Ginny says. "I can't report it!" You say. "If you don't, we will!" The twins say. "Please just stop! I'm fine, really!" You start to protest. Ron stops you. "Look _____, we know you're new here, but crap like this doesn't fly at Hogwarts. You need to report this!" "I promised Cedric I wouldn't!" You say. "You were with Cedric?" Oliver asks. "Yes. Is there a problem?" You ask. "Nope. No problem." He says. "I agree with _____. We can't report this. It's best to let him have the satisfaction." Harry said. You mouthed the words "thank you,"
  8. Eventually you decided to go to your dorm. Rebecca and Ally were already asleep. You didn't bother changing out of your robes. You just fell asleep. You dreamt about When you were younger. You were at a small park swinging on the swing. But you weren't there alone. You were with Jane. "When I grow up, I'm gonna be a spy!" Jane said. You ignored her and kept swinging. Once you got to the very highest you could go you jumped off and drifted slowly downward. "Your mum said not to do that." Jane said. "Oh yeah? And who's gonna tell her?" You asked. "Me!" Jane replied. You only laughed and walked away.
  9. You woke with a start. Jane. Spy. Malfoy. Childhood. Thoughts were swirling around in your head like a tornado. Was that dream really a memory? You might not ever find out. You left the griffendoor tower with your sleeves pulled over your hands. No need to attract unwanted attention. On your way out you found Oliver. He pulled you aside to talk to you. "What's with Cedric?" He asked you. "What's that supposed to mean?" "I'm starting to think he's more than just a friend." "Oliver! I like you! Cedric is more than just a friend. He's a really good friend. That's all! He's a really good friend." "I'm sorry. It's just that you're always talking about him, and I see you two talk in the halls. I'm sorry if I made you mad, _____. I give you permission to punch me." You laughed and playfully punched him in the elbow. "I'm not mad." You say. "Really?" "Really." Then he kissed you on the lips. You kissed him back. It felt like eternity, but finally you pulled away. You smiled.
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