Harry Potter love Story Pt 4

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Part 4! Take the first parts or you won't understand this one. Girls only but who am I to stop the dudes? The results are still the same. Neville, Harry, Ron, twins, Draco, Cedric, Oliver, and Snape.

Who will you get end up with? Who is your Hogwarts Boyfriend? Will you get who you want, or nah? Will you happy, sad, angry, scared, disgusted, humiliated? I guess you'll have to find out...

Created by: Jtsquared4
  1. Draco took his seat beside you. You were looking at your potion book pretending to read it. You didn't want to talk to him. "Hey ____." He wispers,"why were you down here so early? Extra credit I don't know about." You don't take your eyes out of your book when you answer,"you wish. If you hadn't sabotaged my grade, I wouldn't need to do extra credit!" "Calm down ____ I didn't mean to upset you. By the way, it our grade, not just yours." He smirked. You didn't want to play his stupid games. "If you really cared about your grade you do some extra credit to. I'm doing the extra credit by myself." You kept your eyes in the book. Draco closed the book, slamming it shut. You jumped, startled. You looked him in the eyes this time,"what do you want, Malfoy?" He smirked. "Since we're partners and all that jazz, call me Draco. Anyway, I do care about my grades, but the occupation I want doesn't require academic excellence." You gave him an evil glare. "I hear Death Eaters don't get paid well. They just get stupid tattoos." He was about to say something, when Snape began class.
  2. The potion assigned was the Drought of Living Death. You told Draco to stir the potion five times clockwise, and twice counterclockwise, but he did it backwards. You didn't notice until you finished the potion and it wouldn't turn a darker shade. Draco smirked. "It's not funny Malfoy!" You whisper madly. That broadened his smirk. "Look, ____ it's your fault after all. Never insult me or my family again." "Oh, you think you're so tough with your stupid little smirk and your bad boy voice. Well I got news for you Malfoy! You aren't funny, you're a bi-" he covered your mouth with his hand then whispered,"careful now, you don't want anymore detention now do you?" "I could ask you the same question Mr Malfoy." A deep voice said coldly.
  3. "Both of you. My office. Now." Draco removed his hand from your mouth, and the two of you followed Snape into his office. "Mr Malfoy, explain yourself." Draco's face turned serious when he explained the situation to Snape. "I accidentally mixed the potion wrong and she flipped on me. Then she started yelling and I had to shut her up so I put my hand over her mouth." "She!" You bellowed,"is right here! Don't you dare talk about me like I'm not in the same room as you!" "See what I mean professor? She doesn't shut up!" Draco smirked when he spoke. You stared him down. You broke the stare when Snape snapped his finger. "I don't want to hear this rubbish. _____ tell me what happened." "He screwed up the potion! I need a new partner." "She started to call me a bi-" Draco started to say but you stepped on his foot from under the table. "Ow! What was that for!" "I'll see both of you here tonight for detention," Snape said,"no exceptions." You stood up and bolted to Charms class.
  4. You were so mad that you weren't watching where you were going. You got to the top of the stairs and tripped. You fell into Cedric's arms. "I know what you're gonna say" you said. He smiled,"I'm going to say it anyway. We've got to stop meeting like this." You stood up and picked up your quills. "Cedric?" "Yeah?" "Thanks, for catching me." Then there were pounding footsteps walking up the stairs. "Hey ____!" Draco called. "This is all your fault." Then he pushed you aside. You fell into Cedric's arms. You didn't let go until you heard the scream. You looked at Cedric, then the two of you ran into an empty classroom. Neville was punching Draco in the face. And winning.
  5. Cedric ran to pull Neville off of Draco. You ran over to Draco. He was bleeding badly, and he had a black eye. "I'll take him to the Hospital Wing." You offered. Draco could still walk, but every time he took a step he moaned and wined. "Shut up!" You yelled at him. He didn't reply. Half way there you found Ron. He say you carrying Draco down the corridor. "I can help." He said. The two of you carried Malfoy through the castle. "He got in a fight with Neville," you said. "And Neville won?" "Yep." You eventually got to the hospital wing. When you deposited Draco off you and Ron left. "Are you coming to Hogsmede this weekend?" Ron asked you. "I was considering it" you said. "You should come with us!" Ron said. You agreed to go with him. You parted ways and then you went to the library.
  6. You were looking for a book on potions when you heard the whispers. "I can't believe she likes him! He's way older than her!" It was a boys vioce. He sounded angry. You peered through the books on the shelf and saw Harry anh Hermione whispering to each other. "If you like her, just tell her." Hermione said to him. "No, I can't do that. She has a boyfriend. And her boyfriend is the captain of the quiditch team! If he gets mad, I'll be off the team for good." Harry started pacing. Only then did you realize that he was talking about you. The Boy Who Lived actually likes you! You couldn't risk bring seen, so you ran out if the library with a good feeling in your heart.
  7. You couldn't tell anyone about Harry. Especially Oliver. He'd kick Harry off the team! You walked out into the corridor and collided with Cedric. "We've got to stop meeting like this," he says again. "I'm sorry! I can't help it. " you say. Cedric only smiles. "Can I ask you something?" Asks Cedric. "Sure, anything." You say. "It's about Neville. He says he was fighting with Draco because he threatened to hurt you."
  8. You were in shock. Why would Neville do that for you. "You should report him." Cedric said. "I can't cant report him! His father will come after me." You stared to cry. Cedric pulled me into a warm embrace. Just then the the door opened and Snape walked. Your face lit bright red. "Feeling sentimental?" Cedric bolted upright. "You have no business being in here!" Cedric said to Snape. "Actually," Snape said with a grin,"it's the two of you that shouldn't be in here. Please follow me to my office." You and Cedric walked into Snape's office. Cedric got detention then was dismissed. Then you were alone with Snape in his office. "You are in big trouble. I should expel you. You shouldn't have been snooping around in unused classrooms. Plecoptera might think you're up to something." "I was doing absolutely nothing wrong sir. You can't expel me!" "And why not?" "Because it was Cedric's idea! I just went along with it! If you expel anyone, expel him!" "Don't frame other for your wrong doing. Consider this a warning. You're dismissed." You run from his office. At the top of the steps Oliver is waiting for you.
  9. You collapse into Oliver's waiting arms. You can't help it start to cry. He runs his fingers through your hair. You open you eyes and see Harry and Ron watching you. Your eyes widen and pull away from Oliver and dreamy eyes. "I have to go," you storm off and enter you dorm. The scariest thing you have ever seen is waiting for you. Jane is sitting on you bed going through your books. "Interesting..." She says when you enter. You notice she is looking through you diary. You run over and snatch it from her hands. You look at the page she was reading. It says "dear diary, I can't help but feeling mixed emotions towards some of my peers. I really like Oliver, but I think Cedric is a little better. Also Harry Potter, the Chosen One, is trying to keep me away from him. He's says that if I want a calm year at Hogwarts, I should avoid him at all costs. But who said I wanted a calm year at Hogwarts? I sure didn't, which I probably why Draco Malfoy is trying as hard as he can to get me expelled. I don't know what he has against me. And then there are the twins. They both look the same so can't tell who's cuter, but there's just something about them. I feel like I'm caught in a huge love triangle." "Jane" you bellowed,"get out of my dorm!" "I can't" she replies,"I was sent by Draco Malfoy."
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