Harry Potter love Story Pt 3

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Make sure to take parts one and two first. It makes better sense. Girls only please! This quiz will tell you who you would date if you were at Hogwarts.

This story is about [you] a girl moving from France to England, and changing to Hogwarts. Your end results are the same: Cedric, Harry, Ron, the twins, Oliver, Draco, Snape, and Neville. Have fun!

Created by: Jtsquared4
  1. You walked into the Common Room to find it empty. Figures, it was three in the morning. No one was awake. You sat down on a chair by the fire place. As you were staring into the brightness of the fire, you heard footsteps. You turned around and saw Oliver come in. He sat down next to you. "Look, I tried to talk to Fred and George, but they won't listen. I'm sorry ____." You looked at him with kind eyes. "There is nothing for you to be sorry about Oliver. It's fine." He looked into your eyes, and for a second you thought he'd kiss you again. He just smiled and said, "There is something to be sorry about. I shouldn't have done that. It's just not right." You got defensive,"Is this about our age difference?" He said "no, no of course not! It's just, we barely know each other, and we shouldn't pretend we do." You looked at him. You wanted to say something but he continued. "So, after class, meet me here. I want to take you out on an official date." You frowned and said,"I have detention, remember. I can't Oliver, I'm sorry." "Don't be!" He said, "The twins know a way around that!"
  2. Oliver told you the plan, and you listened to every little detail. When morning came, Hermione took you to potions class. Hermione sat with the trio, but you sat by yourself. Neville Longbottom sat down next to you. "Hi! I'm Neville! You must be ____! Is it true what Fred told me?" You looked stunned,"what'd he tell you?" "You snogging with Oliver last night." You almost fainted. "Who else knows?" All of Griffendoor." You were gonna say something when Snape walked it. "Good morning class."
  3. Snape assigned partners. "Everyone will paired with someone from the opposite house. Potter and Crabbe. Weasley and Goyle." He kept going until he got to your name, "_____ and Malfoy. Now that all of you have a partner, go sit with them." You sat with Draco. He didn't look happy. "You! You ran into me on the train! My father will hear-" "mr. Malfoy. Can you quiet down!" Snape bellowed. "About this!" Draco finished, louder than before. "DETENTION Mr. Malfoy!" Draco kept quiet. You couldn't help but smile.
  4. The potion that you were assigned to make was a simple cure for boils. It seemed easy enough, and you might have gotten top marks if Draco hadn't chopped the bat wighs instead of mince. You two really didn't talk to each other, except when you were telling him what to do. He'd refused to read the book. Snape had give the two of Ts on the assignment. Of course you flipped out on Draco. "I TOLD YOU TO MINCE THE BAT WINGS!!!!" He smirked and said "I know." You smacked his arm. "Idiot!" You yelled, "Stupid, pathetic, dumb-" "Shut up" he whispered. "Don't want more dentention, now do we? You'll never be able to go on your date with Oliver." "How do you know about-" he cut you off again, "I have my sources." He left the dungeon with the other Slytherins leaving you frozen in your seat.
  5. You met Oliver in the common room after dinner. You still didn't know how the twins could have convinced Dumbledoor to veto the detention. You didn't know what the twins were gonna tell the headmaster, but you really didn't care. You didn't want to see Snape again, not after you got paired up with Malfoy. Oliver lead you into the corridor by the kitchen. He walked back and forth until a door appeared in front of you. He opened it and the two of you entered. There was a stack of brooms and quiditch supplies in one corner of the room. The other side had a fireplace and two chairs. "What's this?" You asked. "This is the Room of Requirement." Oliver said proudly. "What we're gonna do is take these brooms down to the Quiditch Pitch and play a round with the twins. Then we'll come back here and chat by the fireplace. Any questions?" "You sound like a tour guide." You said. He just smiled,"look, I know Quiditch isn't your cup of tea, but its fun, trust me." "Fine." Oliver grabbed two brooms and lead you to the pitch.
  6. When you got to the pitch, the weasley twins were there. "What took you so long?" Fred asked. "We thought you bailed on us!" said George. "We didn't," Oliver said, "it just took her a while to agree to come." You smiled. "CHICKEN!" The twins yelled at you. "I am not! Hey what did you say to Dumbledore?" "Oh, we said that you needed to help us with our homework, you know, tutor us, but when he didn't believe us we offered him some free smoke bombs and Bertie Bott Beans. He took them, and here you are!" They explained to you. "Thanks guys!" You said. "You owe us." They said at the same time and you laughed. Just then, Ron, Harry, and Cedric came onto the pitch. "What're you doing here?" Oliver asked Cedric. "The twins invited me. Said you guys were playing quiditch, and attempting to teach _____ how to play." Cedric smiled at you.
  7. "Brooms up!" Oliver yelled. "Up!" Everyone yelled. Their brooms flew into their hands. "Up!" You yelled. The broom stayed put. You tried again. And again. And again. Cedric saw you were struggling. "You just have to mean it." He says. He puts his hand on top of yours. "Up!" He says. The broom flies into your hand a lightning speed. You fall backward, knocking Cedric down. "What did I tell you about meeting like this?" He asks. You both laugh. You get up and mount your broom. As Cedric walks past you he whispers,"I'll be right under you if you decide to fall off your broom," then he walked away. You pushed off the ground hard and hovered in the air. "When do we start?" You asked Oliver. "I thought you couldn't fly." He said. "No," you replied, "I said I couldn't play Quiditch." You smiled.
  8. You lost the match of course, but it was hardly fair when your up against Cedric, Harry, and Fred. You were on a team with Oliver, Ron, and George. They thought it best if the Bludgers were excluded from the game. You were fine with that, once you found out what a Bludger was. Anyway, you surprised everyone with your flying skills, but the game just confused you. Oliver said you'd get it eventually. When the mini match was over, you and Oliver went back to the Room Of Requirement to finish your date. You found out a lot about Oliver. And he found out a lot about you. Before you left, he told you a stupid joke and you couldn't help but laugh. Oliver is amazing. But the worst part was that tomorrow you had detention with Snape and Draco. Apparently his father heard about that. But you'd worry about that later. For the time being, you thought about Oliver. And Cedric. And everything. You really didn't know what was happening. You seemed to fit in pretty well at Hogwarts.
  9. The next morning in the common room, the twins stood on a table and yelled,"ANNOUNCEMENT! Anyone who wants to try out for the Quiditch team please go talk to Oliver Wood. For those of you who don't know who that is, just go ask that little girl over there. Her name's ____." You stared at them blankly. Every eye in the common room was on her. But the twins weren't done "she's his girlfriend!! Ohhh love is on the air!!" You ran out of the room. You have no idea how you got there but you were in the dungeons. You were at potions an hour early! You turned back and headed up the stairs. But you didn't get far. "Blow off detention yesterday _____ huh?" It was Snape. He was descending the stairs. He stopped three steps from you. "What're you doing down here?" You attempted to speak but he kept going. "My office, now."
  10. "______ you earned yourself detention for the rest of this week, no exceptions. Now, tell me why you were down here." You felt like you were in an interrogation. Snape didn't take no for an answer. "Look, Professor, I was upset, so I just ran, and I really have no idea how I got down here. Please, can I just go?" "You shouldn't have been here. Someone might think you're up to something...." "Professor, can I go now? Please. My friend will be looking for me." "Your friend. Are you by any chance talking about that boy you were playing Quiditch with? The one who snuck you into the room of requirement? What was his name?" "Oliver." "Oliver Wood? Griffendoor Quiditch Captain?" "That's the one, sir." "Isn't he a little old for you?" "I don't have to explain anything to you, sir. It's my life." He looked angry. "Sit down and wait for class to start." He stormed into his office, and you waited for class to start.
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