You're Hogwarts love story pt 1

Every girl who has ever read the Harry Potter series had always questioned who her lover would be. Well, now you can find out while going to Hogwarts!

There is more then just this part! I'll try and update as much as possible! If you get bored I'm also on Wattpad, Blazing-Fire01, and am working on my own Harry Potter story! Note: This test is invalid, I am unsure whether or not _______ is actually your soul mate XD

Created by: kirby21
  1. You are in you're fourth year at Hogwarts. You have a lot on you're mind. The first three years went by so fast! The worst part was that there wasn't going to be QUIDDITCH this yea. You're so caught up in you're thoughts and getting aboard the train you bump into someone, getting knocked to the ground. Dazed you stand up, the first thing you yell is:
  2. You look up and Ron Weasly. He looks at you worriedly. You guys have never talked much. You were in the same year but different houses. "I am so sorry" He said. He pulled up you're trunk. "Can I help you to make up for my clumsiness?" He questioned, flashing you a grin, You smile at him, "Uh, sure, that...that'd be great!" Ron grinned and pulled both of you're guy's trunks up aboard the train. He shocks you by putting you're trunk in with his then patting the seat next to him. Close behind him are Harry and Hermione. "So, _____ how was your summer?" Harry questions. You respond:
  3. Suddenly, Draco comes in to get to his cart. A smirk played on his lips as he saw you. You:
  4. "What do you want, Malfoy?" Ron sneers and rolls his eyes, sending you a wink. You feel all the blood flush to your cheeks.
  5. "Just getting to my cart" Draco sneers. He looks at you, "Hanging out with half-bloods and mudbloods, ____? A pure blood like you should be in with me" He smiles. Ron shocks you by putting his arm around you, as if in a protective way. If you were seeing right, Harry gave Ron a nasty glare. Could he possibly like you?
  6. "Uh huh, whatever," Malfoy rolled his eyes and walked out. You look at Ron who still has his arm around you, without thinking you blush and move slightly closer. You know you shouldn't. You need to focus on you're studies but this...just feels kind of right. In the corner of you're eye you see Ron slightly blush, you:
  7. When the beautiful sight of Hogwarts comes into view, you excuse yourself to go get your robes on. On the way back you once again get knocked to the ground. Your confused at first then pretty ticked. You just wanted to go curl up in a hole and avada kedvara yourself! As if your good-bye to your parents weren't hard enough, but now your dealing with tripping over nothing and having to deal with boys! You stand up and without paying attention to who it was, you shove them aside and go back to Ron, Harry and Hermione. Harry looks at you as tears stream down your face from embarrassment. "Hey, you okay? Was it Malfoy?" He asks worriedly. You shrug, "I'm not sure to be honest" You whisper and take your seat next to Ron. Hermione looks at you, "What do you mean you don't know?" She asks. "I just don't, okay?" You snap, your tone colder then wanted. You bury your face in your hands, sobbing softly. You feel Ron pat your back and sob harder. Wow, and here you were hoping this year would be drama free. Ron strokes your _______ hair softly. "Hey" He whispers, "It's alright" You say/think
  8. Once the train stops you put your trunk in the common room and sit alone as the first years are sorted. You remember your first year and smile. You were nervous at first on what the outcome of it would be but when the hat shouted "__________" You were happy. At first when you arrived, you questioned whether or not you would fit in. Being sorted made those feelings go away. They were coming back, you didn't belong here. You didn't have any friends and Ron was just comforting you because he felt awkward. He was just giving you bad ideas. You find yourself insane, thinking someone actually likes you. Suddenly, someone taps your shoulder. You turn to see Harry. Without thinking you say:
  9. "I just wanted to make sure you were alright" Harry said, sliding in the chair next to you. He frowns, noticing you were just crying. "You are alright, aren't you?" He asks worriedly. You nod, "Yeah, just a rough day back, how about you, your okay, right?" He stares at you shocked. You instantly regret asking him. "Sorry" You whisper. Harry shakes his head. "Don't be sorry ______, I'm jut not used to being asked things like that" Harry says. He reaches out and brushed a piece of your hair behind your ear. He's so close you can smell his fresh, minty breath. Before he could say anything else, two red headed twins, Fred and George, walked up, "Hey, _______," George says "We wanted to make sure you were alright. We saw you crying earlier" You smile sweetly, "Oops?" You say, unsure what else to do. Fred kneels eye level with you, "Sorry about bumping into you earlier" He said. "I didn't get a chance to apologize before you ran off" You blush. "Clumsiness must run in the family" You tease. "Ron bumped into me before you did" You explain to the three's confused faces. "Oh, that prat is in so much trouble, harming a pret-" George cut Fred off by clearing his throat. You felt yourself blush, not even realizing Dumbledore just finished his start of the year speech and everyone was heading to bed, you turn to the boys and say:
  10. What do you think of the quiz so far? :D I'll give more results on the next quiz

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