Hogwarts Sorting Hat

Are you a huge Harry Potter fan? (If you are, you're just like me!) Do you sometimes even wish that you went to Hogwarts? Well, saddly, that isn't happening. But you probably still want to know what house you're in.

Do you ever wonder what house you'd be in at Hogwarts? Do you wonder if you'd go to classes with Harry and Hermione or Draco or Pansy? Well, this quiz will let you find out!

Created by: LunaLovegood3
  1. What's your favorite..........character. (you probably thought I'd say color, LOL)
  2. SPOILER ALERT! Which death saddened you most?
  3. If you had to become a deatheater or die, what would you do?
  4. Who would you date? Boys only!
  5. RP time! You and your friends come face to face with a wherewolf! AAHH! What do you do?
  6. Fav class:
  7. Favorite teacher.
  8. If someone you loved was in the direct path of a Killing Curse, and the only way to stop it from killing them is taking the curse yourself, would you do it?
  9. Did you think from the start that Snape was a good person, or did you not believe it until Deathly Hallows?
  10. Is their a house you definately DON'T want to be sorted into.
  11. How would you describe youself?
  12. Who would you date? Girls only!
  13. Last Question! Did you enjoy this quiz?
  14. I lied! Is there a house you like best? By the way, this won't have a major effect on your results.

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